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DIY Magnetic Pouch Purse Organizer

DIY Magnetic Bag Organizer

Why do you need a bag organizer in the first place? While I can’t speak for everyone, today’s DIY has been a game changer for me and I’m thinking I can’t be alone. Yesterday I wasted a good half hour of my morning searching for my car keys that ended up being lost inside my […] Read more…


3 Days of Refashion Email Series

Today I’m SO Excited to share a little project I’ve been working on. Today I’m launching my 3 Days of Refashion Email Series!!! This short little email course is for those of you who love the idea of making-over your closet but aren’t quite sure where to get started. It’s for those of you who […] Read more…

Easy Clay DIY Ring Holder

All the new rings I’ve been making over here are really starting to add up. I think it’s about time I created a DIY ring holder to store them all. There’s the Stacking Wire Rings from last week,  the Agate Statement Ring tutorial, and finally the Classic Crystal Ring I can’t seem to stop making […] Read more…

How to Make a DIY wire stacking ring .

How To Make DIY Dainty Stacking Wire Rings

Don’t you just love stacking wire rings? However, it seems impossible to find just the right size to create a pretty little coordinating collection that doesn’t suffocate your hand or slip off in between your knuckles. My recommendation? Make your own! Today’s simple little tutorial will walk you through the easy process to make your […] Read more…