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DIY shiny hair protein hair lamination hair mask with gelatin

All Natural Hair Lamination DIY

Writing natural beauty DIY’s is so much fun because it forces me to always be hunting outside of my comfort zone and experimenting with new ideas. Today, I’m so happy to report that I finally found a super-effective, shine-enhancing, hair-saving, length-growing hair mask that costs next to nothing and can be used anytime you need […] Read more…

DIY Beach Waves Texturizing Spray tutorial

DIY Sea Salt Spray for Beachy Waves

There’s something perfectly low-maintenance, care-free, and utterly sexy about beachy waves isn’t there? After testing SO many tutorials and weighing the pros and cons of each ingredient, I think I finally created the perfect sea salt spray that you can whip up at home. You probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen! Before […] Read more…

Make a DIY Agate Hair Pin

DIY Agate Hair Clip

Who doesn’t love a little boho hair? In today’s tutorial, we’ll be making a simple, totally-wearable DIY Agate Hair Clip. I love how the simple agate slice adds a whole new level of dimension and detail to an otherwise basic hairstyle. You could seriously wear this so many ways. I didn’t use to wear hair […] Read more…

Make This simple Hair Chain with this step by step DIY

DIY Hair Jewelry

Have you noticed that often when you see someone in the perfect outfit, it’s all about the details? A great bag, well-done nails, or an unexpected accessory can really elevate the entire look. Today, I’m going to show you guys how to make one of the easiest, yet most beautiful little details: DIY Hair Jewelry. Since […] Read more…

Healthy Fall Hair Hacks

9 Effective Healthy Hair Hacks

Every season, our hair needs seem to change. In the summer, it often needs more clarifying treatments to remove chlorine buildup or it may need extra moisture to combat the salt from your last vacation. During the winter months it’s usually all about adding moisture to combat frizz and dryness. No matter what your hair […] Read more…