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How to make a DIY beach towel with boho tassels. Easy sewing tutorials

DIY Tassel Beach Towel

As promised in my DIY hat refashion last week, I’m excited to bring you guys the next project in this year’s DIY beach series. Today, I’ll be showing you how to make your own huge, tassel beach towel! This DIY beach towel can really be whatever size you want. I used 1 yard of fabric […] Read more…

Make A Wooden Kitchen Dining Table DIY

Make Your Own DIY Dining Table

What’s better than a rustic-modern kitchen table? A  DIY dining table with rustic-modern elements! Even though we don’t cook a lot, our kitchen is still the heart of our home in a big way.  It’s where we have our infamous “bad manners” dinners, make messy play dough, and do hours of homework after school. It […] Read more…

Marble binder DIY idea .

DIY Marble Binder The Easy Way

Today I wanted to show you guys a quick and easy way to update your office stationary with this DIY Marble Binder tutorial. Every time I head into Target, Anthropologie, or Home Goods I’m always tempted to buy yet-another cute binder or notepad when I have several half-empty ones at home. Why? Because they’re sooooo […] Read more…

Fabric Cheat Sheet printable

FREE Printable Fabric Care Cheat Sheet

Let’s be real here for a second. Laundry sucks. Laundry sucks sooooo much. The only thing worse than laundry itself is doing laundry wrong. You know what I’m talking about…. when you accidentally ruin your favorite dress because you washed it incorrectly or made your favorite sweater look raggedy after just a few wears. Or… […] Read more…


Easy Clay DIY Ring Holder

All the new rings I’ve been making over here are really starting to add up. I think it’s about time I created a DIY ring holder to store them all. There’s the Stacking Wire Rings from last week,  the Agate Statement Ring tutorial, and finally the Classic Crystal Ring I can’t seem to stop making […] Read more…


The Perfect DIY Clay Recipe

This clay is so much fun, feels amazing in your hands, and resembles porcelain after it’s dried. The feel in your hands is nearly identical to Crayola’s Model Magic. Trust me guys, your kids are going to love it! Mix some up on the next rainy day, when you want to keep the kids busy, this […] Read more…