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It feels weird to say it, but I’m turning 30 in less than two weeks! In general, I love birthdays. I love to get together with friends, feel completely spoiled by my husband, and drink both a mimosa and a glass of Merlot on the same day without being on vacation. But this year, my birthday is extra special. This year, I get to show up to my next party in legitimate couture. It’s a real-life Cinderella moment for me. I finally have my first couture outfit!

G Hasanova Outfit

As I get older, I find myself looking forward to saving up and getting pieces that really speak to me instead of cheap deals. I look for pieces I will keep forever rather than pieces that will pill, shrink, tear, and otherwise be unusable after a few washes. Real couture is exquisitely handcrafted using only the finest techniques and the most luxurious fabrics to create a piece that is literally perfection. So when G Hasanova, a couture fashion house in London reached out, I jumped up and down and immediately responded.

Outfit Details

The fit of these lace cigarette pants is the best I have ever worn from any non-stretch fabric. It hugs all the right places and is gorgeously embellished. Don’t you love the detail at the hemline?! This tunic is lined with a buttery-soft silk and the textured wine fabric is incredibly luxurious on it’s own. I paired it with a deep wine lip and couldn’t decide if I should put my hair in a tight bun or let it do it’s natural thing. Sometimes when your look is extremely structured, I like to balance it with something a little more undone and textured.

What makes this fashion label different is it’s timeless design paired with a meticulous attention to quality. I love how this look is absolutely statement-making, yet still feminine and surpasses current trends. I’ll take this outfit out again when I’m in fifties, and it will still look just as chic. Sometimes the good stuff is worth saving up for.

G Hasanova Party Look

When you place an order at GHasanova.com it’s more like an experience than a quick checkout. Each item is beautifully unique and an absolute conversation starter whenever you slip it on. When I placed my order, I submitted my measurements and each piece was handcrafted to fit my body. The G Hasanova website says it best:

“Brand’s design ethos is based on combining the idea of resilient, powerful silhouette with delicate aesthetic of handcrafted details.

Through the appreciation of creative effort and craftsmanship involved in the making of each garment, G. Hasanova not only aims at providing individually made premium clothing but also supports the concept of timeless style and quality against “fast” fashion.”

G Hasanova Clothing

I firmly believe that no matter what you wear, it should make you feel unstoppable, at ease, and confident. This is my new favorite look when I want to feel extra fancy. 😉 If you haven’t checked out the G Hasanova website, do it now. It’s fun to treat yourself to the good stuff every once in awhile. If not, peek around and leave feeling inspired.

G Hasanova

G Hasanova Party Outfit

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