Today’s post is a little different but I’m so-crazy-excited to share it with you. Today I launched my very first email challenge, 7 Days of Creativity.

This Creativity Challenge is full of awesome ideas, inspiration, stylist tricks, DIY tutorials and everything you need to refashion your closet, define your personal style, and jumpstart your creativity.

Join the 7 Days Of Creativity

So how does it work?

For one week, each morning when you open your email, you’ll see a  pretty little message from yours truly, complete with different techniques or ideas to remake, design, or DIY an area of your closet. By the end of the week, you’ll feel more creative, have several new things in your closet that light you up, and be able to take on the rest of your closet without hesitation.

Are you ready to get started! Join the challenge below and let’s get started!


The 7 Days Of Creativity Challenge

How to add lace to an old slip the easy way

A FREE series to define your style, makeover your closet, and get in touch with your creativity. Each day we'll choose an item in your closet to transform, refashion, and make your own!

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