My whole adult life, I’ve struggled with my skin. It seemed in high school, I could pass out after a late night with full makeup and never think twice about it, but as soon as 19 hit BAM! Uncontrollable breakouts. I really feel like I’ve tried everything. Drink more water, wash twice, use something for sensitive skin, something for acne prone skin, take this mystery pill that somehow gives you dandruff- you name it, I feel like I tried it.

DIY Coconut Oil Facial Moisturizer

For years I’ve believed that simpler, more natural alternatives are better and often work more effectively than chemicals. Example A: This DIY Facial Moisturizer has saved my skin in so many more ways than one.

-It moisturizes incredibly and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft.

-It fights breakouts, calms existing ones, and makes zits heal faster.

-It balances my skin. Before using it, my cheeks would get oily, my chin so dry it cracked on hot days, and I feel like I always had an shiny forehead. Now I’l go days without wearing makeup and feel great.

I’ve been using this moisturizer morning and night for about a month now. Trust me guys, this stuff works!


How does it work? Coconut Oil is one of natures greatest moisturizers. It also has excellent anti-wrinkle properties, locks in moisture after you wash your face, reduces stretch marks, is a natural cleanser, makeup remover, and cellulite solution.


Tea Tree Oil (otherwise known as Melaleuca) is the ultimate anti-bac, anti-fungi, and calmer of skin reactions, but can be harsh if used alone. This simple recipe has been the perfect balance for me and I hope it works incredibly for you too.

How to:

After washing your face, put 5 drops Coconut Oil to 2 drops Tea Tree/Melaleuca Oil in your palms and rub together. Massage the oil onto your face and your done.

I can’t wait to hear how you like it!

DIY Coconut Oil Facial Moisturizer how to

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