Good morning! This week, we created a high impact-low cost art project with loads of personality that I hope you’ll love. These oversize kid poster prints created a unique gallery in our living room that really sets the tone for the whole house. We had the best time making these and hope you will too.

When I started this project, I wanted huge, fun, black and white pictures of the kids for the blank wall on our living room. We get family photos done every year and while we try to add personality to them, getting the photos done is still stressful. This method of getting family photos allowed us to have fun taking them without leaving our house, get pictures on our own time, and the kids had a blast. The wall of pictures is anything but traditional, but our family has never followed a mold anyways.

Our house is loud, messy, creative, and full of energy. It was really important to me that the photos showcase that energy and each kid’s unique personality. To get these photos,  I had each kid stand with their backs against the white wall in our front room and make silly faces.

Boston is one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen but makes the craziest faces as soon as the camera comes out. It was awesome to have fun with it instead of nag him over and over again to “look at the camera”…… “”Smile with your teeth.”……..”That’s not a smile”………. “Don’t cross your eyes”….. you get the idea.

Milo has always been a little monkey. She is so incredibly strong and coordinated and from the day she and Boston met, she has been scaling walls, climbing door moldings, and doing countless push-ups with her dad. She pressed her back against the wall, stood up straight, and immediately began kissing her biceps.

Harper is an all around goof-ball. She is silly and giddy and brings up the mood of the whole house almost instantly. She took the crazy faces to heart and I think it suits her perfectly.

Zoe had to hold Milo’s hand to stand still long enough to get the picture, but with her sister beside her, Zoe stood in place, looked straight into the camera and gave a big “cheese!!!” I ended up having to Photoshop Milo out of Zoe’s picture.

This project was actually incredibly straightforward and I love the personality it adds to our home. Once we had the pictures taken, I opened them in Photoshop and made them black and white, brightened the backgrounds, and sharpened their eyes.

From there, I went to and selected the size of engineers print I wanted. I did a little bit of research first and found great frames from Amazon that fit the space well and kept the entire wall of photos under $80 including the prints. I chose the smaller size prints to fit the frames I bought, submitted my order online, and picked them up the next day. My total bill for 4 enormous prints was under $14.00

To submit an order for engineer’s prints, click here.

Here are the frames I used from Amazon:

FrameMaster 24×36 Poster Frame (2-Pack); Pre-Assembled with Sturdy MDF Backer Board, Black

When you go to pick up your order, be aware that these are not printed on photo-quality paper (that’s why they’re so inexpensive) and be gentle when you bring them home. Your prints will come in a huge roll but the paper is standard printer-paper quality so be careful not to bend it before it’s framed.

We love how these turned out and now that I’ve discovered how easy and inexpensive engineer prints are, I’m predicting several more projects in the future. The first will likely be an obnoxiously large updated family photo for my mom this Christmas. 🙂

 Thank you SO much for reading this little DIY and as always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below. Also, if you liked this tutorial, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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  1. I love this idea! I did something similar with our Christmas cards. I’m usually fighting to get our daughter and my husband to smile nice and look at the camera. This year I decided to use their goofiness instead of fight it. The cards were a hit. I can’t wait to try this out for our home.

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