DIY Massive Christmas Paper Wreath

Normally I’m not a wreath-collecting girl, but lately I’ve really been wanting a huge statement wreath to fill the large, empty space above my mantel, but they were either too gaudy and old-fashioned or WAY too expensive. So, naturally, I made one. This wreath is about 36 inches in diameter and a huge statement piece.The entire project took about 2 1/2 hours and $1.50 worth of printer paper. I thought I’d share it with you! Enjoy.


Step 1: Cut out a large circle from a cardboard box. I created mine out of a stroller box and traced a popcorn bowl to create the inside circle, then used a ruler to measure and draw an even larger 9” circle around it.


Step 2: Using a ruler, mark 2 placement lines at 3” and 6” around your circle to be sure your wreath is symmetrical.


Step 3: Roll a piece of printer paper into a small cone and staple it to your cardboard. Continue around the circle until you have completed the first layer.


Step 4: Staple a cone to the next, inside placement line. Go nuts with your stapler. Let out some frustrations…. staple the hell out of the thing.


Step 5: Continue all the way around and then complete the following interior layer


Step 6: For the final layer, use a hot glue gun to secure the paper cones to the underside of the wreath and fold forward through the wreath hole. Secure the inside layer in place by gluing each paper cone to the existing stapled paper cones.


Step 7: To hang it, I just mounted a Command Damage Free Hanging Hook onto the mirror. I didn’t add any conventional hanging stuff to the back since I wanted it to hang flush with the wall.


DIY Statement Paper Wreath

So what do you think?

How did yours turn out? How did you make yours unique?

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