Elyse Marie Botanicals A Hair Repair Beauty Review

If you’ve been reading for long, you know I love finding and creating awesome natural beauty products. Why pack your skin with fillers and chemicals when nature has already created it best? Each night I use my DIY Caffeine Eye Serum, love what Rose Water Toner does for my complexion, and my latest find comes in the form of a delicious-smelling Hair Repair Oil.

I stumbled across this hair oil on one of the greatest all-natural beauty website, Musely.com. Not only does it only carry all-natural beauty products, but they are often marked down from retail so you get extra savings.

Elyse Marie Botanicals All Natural Hair Repair

What sold me on Elyse Marie Botanical Hair Repair is how versatile it is.

The little bottle travels nicely and takes up almost no space in your purse so it perfect for summer trips. It’s great to put a little on the ends of my hair before taking a swim because it creates a shield against chlorine and excess salt. I also like how it adds moisture and texture to my hair when I apply a little each night before bed. Think of it as a restorative facial serum for each strand. Or, put a little on the ends of your hair before washing for a more balanced moisture and shampoo. You can also use it as a leave in conditioner when your hair is feeling extra dry. I love how it makes your hair shiny without weighing it down like other hair oils I’ve used can.

Elyse Marie Botanicals Hair RepairElyse Marie Botanicals. Hair Repair Review

But how does this stuff work? According to the box, “just a few drops not only seals the cuticle, but also acts as a healing agent for dry or split ends. It also helps protect against future damage.”

Each bottle is filled with nutrient-packed, all-natural ingredients like apricot oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and lavender. The result is a lightweight, totally effective, all natural product that I think you’ll love and use as much as I have.

Elyse Marie Botanicals Hair Repair ReviewAll Natural Hair Repair Review

Thank you Elyse Marie Botanicals for letting me try this bottle to review! I was not compensated for this post, but you can find some affiliate links below.

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