Not gunna lie….Mothers Day is quickly becoming my favorite holiday. Not because it’s the one day a year I get to lazily lay in bed without an ounce of guilt. or because my kids come home from school with handmade gifts for me…. but because my husband always creates the most delicious spreads and spoils me like I never knew was possible. I’m such a lucky girl.

Seriously, he makes Mothers Day incredible every year.

Celebratig Mother's Day with Amalfi Decor

Last year, he surprised me and had a masseuse come to our house after the kids were asleep. Then, gave me the most delicious breakfast in bed with lots of incredible gifts. I love being married to such a romantic guy.

This year, the bedside gestures are easier than ever and have started earlier than ever thanks to this incredible tray I scored from Amalfi Decor. I’m telling you ladies, when you make it easy for them to spoil you, you open the doors for it to happen more often. We keep this gorgeous tray on our bed all the time as the perfect place to set a cup of coffee, a glass of tea, or split a bottle of wine at the end of a long day.

Mother's Day bliss with Amalfi Decor

So  in celebration of Mother’s Day and all things indulgent, here are 3 simple yet luxurious spread ideas to enjoy on your day of pampering.

To start, how about a delicious homemade latte with a Greek yogurt parfait and a poppy seed muffin? This little meal is so simple, you could even make this for yourself after the kids are dropped off at school to give yourself a rejuvenating start. What I like about this is that even if on Mother’s Day he can’t cook to save his life, your partner should have no problem whipping this little tray up.

Mother's Day Tray Ideas with Amalfi Decor

After the kids are down for a nap, it’s time to get back in bed for a glass of wine (it’s your day after all right?) and pair it with some delicious macaroons. You can find these at any Trader Joe’s and they taste incredible. Again, even if he can’t successfully make macaroni and lacks all creativity, he can put this indulgent tray together. Even when it’s not Mother’s Day, sometimes the little details and small indulgences make all the difference. But seriously, doesn’t it look so fancy?

Celebrate Mother's Day this year with Amalfi Decor

At night, this is our favorite dish when we want something a little more decadent than popcorn. Again, a simple spread presented the right way makes for an elegant and indulgent-feeling night. For Mothers Day, I consider this a must, but every once in awhile… especially after a long day chasing four kids… this is incredible too.

Celebrate Mother's Day with Amalfi Decor

Altogether, now you have a chic, rejuvenating, relaxing Mothers Day with minimal effort and for less than a Mothers Day brunch at a restaurant. He can spend the money you guys saved on a thoughtful gift. (wink wink)

But in all seriousness, even when it’s not Mothers Day, the simple act of elevating the smallest task (such as getting yourself a snack) can make your entire day feel so much more luxe. Taking the time to unwind on a somewhat regular basis and treat yourself can only make you a happier, more energetic, upbeat version of yourself… and who doesn’t deserve that more than moms?

Celebrating Mother's Day with Amalfi Decor

Around our house, we love surrounding ourselves with things that elevate each day. We also got this new chandelier and cake stand from Amalfi Decor that we keep on the dining room table to store fresh fruits, muffins, or other grab-and-go snacks. The kids feel like they are getting something truly special (who doesn’t want what’s on the cake stand?!) and I’m able to sneak in some extra healthy food.

A DIY Bloggers Dining Room RevealA Comfortable Modern Dining Room makeover

But out of everything, I think my favorite part of Mothers Day (and every day) is when my husband brings me this tray in bed.

I hope you are spoiled like crazy and can take the day to relax this weekend. You deserve it!

Also, be sure to tell your husbands/ partners how awesome they are for treating you so good.

Mother's Day Spreads with Amalfi Decor

Happy Mothers Day!

Thank you Amalfi Decor for sponsoring this post!

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