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Today’s DIY Sharpie Mug project is a great, quick craft to do with your toddler… that also lets you have an extra cup of coffee guilt-free when you are done. 😉

Sometimes I just love quiet, rainy mornings. Every errand goes on hold while the roads are a mess and it forces me to slow down for the day. On days like this, we often do more art projects than usual, I drink more homemade lattes, and sometimes some laundry even gets folded. But on this particular quiet day while the “big kids” were still in school, Zoe and I made this perfect, rainy-morning Sharpie mug. I love her adorable toddler art on it and the quote makes me laugh.

Read on to make your own.

DIY Toddler Scribble Mug


My supply lists are now shoppable for your convenience. Just click any aff. link below to get everything you need to complete this project on Amazon.

Toddler Sharpie Mug Supplies

The Process:

Before your toddler sees the stickers, peel and stick them to your mug to create the quote you want. Use your imagination and make it something your excited to reach for each day. I thought about spelling more reflective notes to myself like, “Enjoy the Mess” and “Let Them Be Little” but “I Run On Caffeine and Chaos” just hit home for me.

DIY Toddler Coffee Mug

Now, wrangle your toddler. Zoe loves coloring and art projects lately so as soon as I showed her my new markers, she was excited and went to town. I sat her on my lap and made sure caps were put back on, clothing and hands weren’t colored, etc. but for the most part, just let her go to town. I encouraged her to color the letters a lot so they were legible when I pulled the stickers off.

DIY Toddler Art Coffee Mug

Zoe colored and colored. When I tried to pull the mug away, she would throw a mini fit and demand to keep going. She eventually covered the entire thing all the way around before she was satisfied and would let me put the markers away.

Note: After this project, you will probably need to store your permanent markers in another place. I learned this after an unfortunate fireplace mantel makeover.

Bright and Cheery Scribble Mug

Make A Toddler Sharpie Mug

When you’re happy with your scribble mug, it’s time to bake it! I loved this article by Destination Decoration on Sharpie Mug oven temperatures and cooking times. I baked this one at 250 degrees for 2 hours.

Toddler Art Mug DIY

After it’s cooked, remove the stickers and enjoy. Make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Make This Toddler Scribble Mug

I really loved this project and am considering doing it over and over again. I love the idea of opening my cupboards after a long, sleepless night to be greeted by these bright and cheery mugs full of memories.

Make your own and let me know how it went in the comments below!

Make This Toddler Scribble Mug

Make This Toddler Scribble Mug