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June has finally arrived! I hope you have an incredible beach vacation under your belt or coming up soon. While it’s so much fun to go to the beach, break out your new swimsuit (maybe it’s the new bandage bikini we made a few weeks ago) and just unwind for awhile, sometimes the sun can be a little intense. In situations like these, you’ll be glad you brought a cute, wide-brim, DIY beach hat.

Sun hats are the perfect way to be stylish and have protection against the sun’s harmful rays and to keep cool on a hot day. They come in a variety of styles, from wide-brimmed hats that provide maximum sun coverage to smaller hats that offer a more fashionable look. Sun hats can be made from various materials, including straw, cotton, and synthetic fabrics, and they can be found in a range of colors and patterns. Whether you’re lounging at the beach, gardening in your backyard, or running errands in town, a sun hat is a practical and great way to shield your face and head from the sun’s rays.

Why a Sun Hat?

The use of sun hats dates back to ancient times, when people in different cultures would wear hats made from plant fibers or animal hides to protect themselves from the sun. In Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries, fashionable women would wear large bonnets with wide brims to shield their faces from the sun. In the early 20th century, sun hats became more practical and were made from lighter materials like straw and cotton. Today, sun hats remain a popular and functional accessory for people of all ages. 

There have been several fashion icons throughout history who have been known to love sun hats. One such icon is Audrey Hepburn, who was often photographed wearing a classic straw sun hat paired with chic outfits! Another is Princess Diana, who was frequently seen sporting a variety of sun hats, from wide-brimmed styles to more structured and sophisticated designs. Other fashion icons who have embraced sun hats include Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Brigitte Bardot, and Kate Middleton. You’ll be in good company when you make your own DIY beach hat with this tutorial!

The No-Sew Sun Hat Tutorial!

How to make a fun DIY summer hat for women . Easy no-sew project!!!

I’m so excited to release a whole series of beach day DIY projects I’ve got planned over the next few weeks! We’ll be making even more swimsuits, coordinating beach towels, and even a beach tote (or two!) But now I’m just getting ahead of myself. For today, let’s start with this adorable, five minute DIY beach hat.

How to make a fun DIY summer hat for women

In today’s tutorial, I took the same steps and applied them in slightly different ways to different hat shapes and hat materials to show you how versatile this project can really be. Don’t be afraid to experiment and think outside the box for your own sun hat! After all, isn’t that what makes DIY so much fun to begin with? Make yourself a cute little beach hat, you deserve it. 

How to make a fun DIY summer hat for women . no sew!

For today’s tutorial, I broke it down into two separate styles. The first is a boho, tassel beach hat that is my new personal favorite. The second, a funky pom pom summer hat.

It’s funny how often I go back to these basic trimmings. On Creative Fashion Blog, so far we’ve made everything from Pom Pom Shorts and Gladiator Sandals to Pom Pom Purses with minimal extra cost to you. Together we’ve added tassels to SlippersStacking Rings, refashioned Lace-up Shoes, and even Crystal Gemstone Bracelets. They just add such a cool texture and detail and are so crazy-simple to make!

So without further ado, let’s move on to the tutorial!

How to make a fun DIY summer hat for women . Easy no sew project!!


My supply lists are shoppable for your convenience! Just click any shoppable aff. link below to get everything you need to complete this project without adding extra errands or hard work to your day.

This is a great idea with only a few simple steps, and no sewing machine needed. DIY enthusiasts will love making these super simple stylish sun hats. It’s really simple. First thing, take out your choice of plain straw hat or favorite floppy hat. Then follow the diy tutorial below, attaching fringes and trims to the outside edge, top of the hat, or side of the hat. There are so many things you can try! You could attach to the side of the hat’s brim or side band for different style vibes. Take your craft passion and usie it to make a few in a couple of different shades! Watch the tutorial below now!

gallery size=”medium” columns=”2″ link=”file” ids=”6148,6147″]

The Video Tutorial:

As always, if you ever have any questions about any of my projects, just leave a comment below and I would love to help out! I absolutely love hearing from you guys and seeing what you think of my little DIY’s, and how your own beach hat turned out.

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How to make a fun DIY summer hat for women .. Easy no-sew project!!How to make a fun DIY summer hat for women . This is such an easy, pom pom, no-sew project!!How to make a fun DIY summer hat for women . Easy no-sew project!!

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