Month: February 2018

Toddler Made Geometric Wall Art

DIY Toddler Made Abstract Wall Art

I love decorating with sentimental pieces that bring me joy every time I see them. Most of the artwork in my house is made by either me or the kids. I love how it adds exactly the color I want, is exactly the size I need, and brings back so many amazing memories whenever I walk past it. This was Zoe’s first experience painting with me and her very first canvas ever. I love how it turned out! Here’s how we did it:
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DIY Spray Paint Art

Have you ever wanted to make large abstract art but are afraid it won’t turn out? If you are, this project is for you. For this week’s DIY, the kids and I made this modern spray paint art on a huge canvas for the stair landing downstairs. Don’t you just love HUGE art?! In my […] Read more…

How to add fur to an old purse. A simple refashion DIY tutorial

Fur Purse DIY Makeover

This winter, I absolutely love the fur purse trend. Why not carry something so soft and cozy around? In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to add some plush faux fur to a basic purse you already have. Before the refashion, I really didn’t care much for this bag. […] Read more…