Month: June 2018

Make A Wooden Kitchen Dining Table DIY

Make Your Own DIY Dining Table

What’s better than a rustic-modern kitchen table? A  DIY dining table with rustic-modern elements! Even though we don’t cook a lot, our kitchen is still the heart of our home in a big way.  It’s where we have our infamous “bad manners” dinners, make messy play dough, and do hours of homework after school. It […] Read more…

Easy DIY Maxi Dress Tutorial sewing

DIY Lace Accent Dress Refashion

This week seems to be all about simplicity. We’ve created super-simple projects that can be completed during a nap time like yesterday’s simple business-card wallet, this magnetic bag organizer, and the easiest DIY caftan dress ever! Today, we’ll be carrying that trend on with a super simple lace accent dress refashion. This refashion tutorial is […] Read more…

DIY Magnetic Pouch Purse Organizer

DIY Magnetic Bag Organizer

Why do you need a bag organizer in the first place? While I can’t speak for everyone, today’s DIY has been a game changer for me and I’m thinking I can’t be alone. Yesterday I wasted a good half hour of my morning searching for my car keys that ended up being lost inside my […] Read more…