Month: July 2018

Simple DIY Makeup Brush Holder Travel Rolls .

Easy DIY Makeup Brush Holder

Today’s project is a travel necessity that most of us don’t have on hand. It takes up almost zero space in your luggage, protects your makeup brushes during transit, and costs next to nothing to make. The thing you’ll wish you had before your next trip is a roll-up DIY makeup brush holder. The difference […] Read more…

How to make a jumpsuit the easy way with this simple video tutorial

How To Make A Chic DIY Jumpsuit

Happy Monday ladies! I woke up this morning so excited to mix it up a bit and show you how to mix and match the projects we’ve already done together at Creative Fashion Blog to make entirely new pieces. This DIY jumpsuit is soooooo comfortable and super simple to make yourself. No pattern needed! I […] Read more…

How to make a DIY beach towel with boho tassels. Easy sewing tutorials

DIY Tassel Beach Towel

As promised in my DIY hat refashion last week, I’m excited to bring you guys the next project in this year’s DIY beach series. Today, I’ll be showing you how to make your own huge, tassel beach towel! This DIY beach towel can really be whatever size you want. I used 1 yard of fabric […] Read more…