Month: November 2018

Make your own DIY Crystal Wine Stopper - Home Decor Idea

Crystal DIY Wine Cork Stopper

At the end of the day, sometimes there is nothing better than a glass of wine with my husband. It’s a relaxing ritual we do to reconnect and spend some quiet time together talking after the kids are asleep. Sometimes we just sit in silence on the couch, snuggled up with a glass in my […] Read more…

DIY Fashion Lace Up Boho Shoe Refashion Full Tutorial

DIY Lace Up Shoe Refashion

Don’t you just love how a little shoe detail always creates a massive impact on how you feel about basic old shoes? This week, I’ll be giving some black suede shoes a total boho makeover with a step by step shoe refashion. I love the lace up detail and the pop of color with the tassels! You […] Read more…

How to Sew a simple faux fur DIY Christmas Stocking FREE printable pattern

FREE DIY Christmas Stocking Pattern

It seems like every winter during the most wonderful time of the year, I revamp my holiday decor and want a different style of Christmas Stocking. That’s why in today’s post, I created this super-simple Christmas Stocking Pattern for you guys! Buying new stocking can get expensive, and making them yourself only takes a few […] Read more…