Month: May 2019

21 easy ways to makeover your closet upcycling fashion tutorials

21 Upcycling Fashion Ideas

Creating a handmade wardrobe is easier than ever with this resource of upcycling fashion ideas. While taking the time to create your own clothing from scratch can be rewarding, it’s also fun to repurpose the items you already have on hand. Get your creative juices flowing by starting with an old sweater, a pair of […] Read more…

how to sew a diy floor length maxi skirt with slit..

How To Sew A Skirt Beginner Tutorial

If you’re just getting started, learning how to sew a skirt can be intimidating. Rest assured, this tutorial will walk you through how to make a simple maxi skirt in no time. This skirt is soooooo easy to make. You are actually only going to be sewing a single seam!¬†What this means for you is […] Read more…

DIY Magnetic Pouch Purse Organizer

DIY Magnetic Purse Organizer Insert

Why do you need a purse organizer insert in the first place? While I can’t speak for everyone, today’s DIY has been a game changer for me and I’m thinking I can’t be alone. Yesterday I wasted a good half hour of my morning searching for my car keys that ended up being lost inside […] Read more…