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Autumn is officially in full swing and I couldn’t be happier about it! To make the season extra special, let’s start the week with 6 easy-to-make sweater refashions. Each one is quick and easy to make, updates a look in a matter of minutes, and comes with full instructions.

6 easy sweater refashion tutorials with full instruction

I just love a good sweater refashion. There’s something so satisfying about wearing pieces you’ve made yourself ….that are also flattering. Chances are that if you’re reading Creative Fashion Blog, you love a good DIY. But trust me when I say that there have been a lot of tutorials that haven’t made it to the website because when I’ve finished them, they just don’t look right. Trial and error is all part of the process and these 6 tutorials have proven themselves through all the shares and feedback from other readers.

So let’s dive in!

Create A Lace-Up Sweater w/ Grommets

You’ve probably seen a few lace-up sweater refashions, but I wanted to create something a little different and show you how to work with more complicated fabrics such as loose-weave knits to give the project a whole other level of  interest. This lace up sweater goes with anything, makes a great layering piece, and updates an ultra-casual look to something that looks a little more feminine. SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

This project was also one of the first projects to be published outside of Creative Fashion Blog in Make: magazine.

Refashion a basic sweater into a lace up one with this full step by step fashion tutorial

Refashion A Cardigan From A Pull-over

The benefit of a cardigan over a basic sweater is it’s ability to show layers and other elements of an outfit. It creates more interest and looks more polished without any fuss or planning.

This leopard sweater was a thrift store find (you can read more about how to shop thrift stores HERE) for less than $5.00 and was able to me converted into a cardigan jacket in just a few steps. CLICK HERE to see the full tutorial and make your own.

Refashion a Sweater into an open cute Cardigan

DIY Pom Pom Sleeves

Anything you add pom poms to is instantly more vibrant, more fun, and happier…. even if the pom poms are black. In the past we’ve made pom pom gladiator sandals, DIY pom pom shorts, and even pom pom bags. This pom pom sweater tutorial is quick and easy and even comes with am easy-to-follow video. SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

How to make a fun DIY pom pom sweater . A simple clothing refashion idea

Use Stencils To Paint Unique Designs

This athletic sweater is so comfortable, but lacked interest and was never worn, so I played around with cutting the neckline, fabric paints and free stencils. Don’t you just love the feather print? This tutorial comes with links to the free stencil design as well as lots of ideas on how to makeover a sweater in less than 10 minutes. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL DIY SWEATER TUTORIAL.

DIY This feather stenciled sweater refashion

How To Add Studs To A Basic Sweater

Sometimes adding hardware is all you need to give an old sweater a totally new personality. This DIY stud tutorial is easy to follow and walks you through step-by-step how to add some metal to a boring sweater. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TUTORIAL.

How To Add Studs To A Basic Shirt . A Clothing Refashion Idea

DIY Suede Elbow Patches

This may be one of the most-worn sweaters in my entire closet right now. the suede elbow patch details just kill me and I love how the different textures compliment each other so well. In this DIY sweater refashion, you’ll learn how to make your own patches from scratch as well as how to apply them to trickier fabrics like loose-weave knits. By the time you are done with this simple project, you’ll be a patching expert! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL DIY SWEATER TUTORIAL.

DIY Suede Patch to refashion your Chunky Sweaters this winter

I hope you try one (or more) of these simple DIY sweater refashions and let me know what you think! When you are just starting out making your own clothes, it can often be easier to start small and give little updates to pieces you already have. I hope today’s post inspired you just a little and you found it helpful!

As always, if you ever have any questions while you are working on any projects from Creative Fashion Blog, please don;t hesitate to let me know and I;d be happy to help out!

Happy making!

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