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Lip Stain & Legos
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In writing this blog, I wanted to create a space where over-worked moms could come to get inspired, share some creative ideas, and get motivated in their homes, with their kids, their own health, and last but certainly not least, their own style. If you’re someone looking to create more balance, feel more creative on a daily basis, and enjoy great style, feel right at home here. I would love to get to know you!

At Lip Stain & Legos, you’ll find fashion inspiration, personal stylist advice, home tours, beauty hacks and DIY tutorials in home decor, kid crafts, beauty recipes, and more. I also use L&L as a space to share my full life with you. You’ll become part of the design process when I create new fashion collections, see how we make our busy, blended family thrive, and be part of our upcoming home renovations on our dream home.

I launched this blog when my youngest was just a few weeks old since I had taken a break from fashion design and needed another creative outlet. Now I bounce between writing with designing and love the balance between the two.

I am a sleep-deprived mom of 4 creative kids. When I met my husband, he had 2 beautiful daughters and I had my son from a previous marriage. After a few years together, we created our perfect baby, Zoe.

Our home is full of chaos and creativity. I’m so excited to be able to share it with you. I believe life should be fun, full, and creative and am on a constant mission to find ways to get things done easier, reach more goals quicker, and create more time to spend with my kids.

I launched my first company in 2009 to create a supplemental income to stay home with my son. I loved the creative process so much it took me back to college to learn fashion design and I later began designing clothes.

Since then, it’s been a crazy ride. I have been a part of countless photo-shoots, runway shows, and shipped my designs to customers all over the world. My designs have been featured in several national magazines and I’ve been lucky enough to meet some incredible people along the way.

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