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Have you ever had the chance to meet somebody you follow online? Or heard your favorite author read their book in real life? Have you ever followed somebody on Instagram for months and then when you finally meet in person it’s magic? That’s what I want to talk about today.

Meeting the people you respect does so much for your own confidence, your own energy, and your own drive. It creates a deep sense of realizing that the people you admire online really are…. just people.

It feels like we have reached a time in our culture and society where laptops are used in lieu of in-person connection. The average person spends hours on social media every single day yet doesn’t feel really connected to any of those people. Anxiety is also at an all time high.

So what do we do about it?

We actually get to know eachother.

Instead of visting profiles on Instagram, go to a new Meetup group and actually meet the people you look up to. Write your friend a thank you note on pretty stationary. Meet a friend for coffee rather than sending her a text. It all matters. It all counts. Building those relationships is time well spent.

One thing I’ve always been intimidated by is networking. I have psyched myself out so much in the past and felt like I needed to be rigid and spammy with my business cards to be effective. In reality, networking is simply making new friends. The women you want to meet likely want to meet you too.

To give myself the extra boost and confidence before my next event, I collaborated with BasicInvite.com to create some really special, personalized cards.

You can design your own business cards to really showcase your quirky personality or make them as minimal as you want. It’s totally up to you. There are more options now than ever before and the designs really are impressive.

Thankfully, the days are gone when business cards had to look like a boring, personality-depleted resume. Even if you aren’t a business owner, I think having personal contact cards comes in handy multiple times a week in face to face conversations.

When your kids want to set up play dates after school, it’s easy for them to give a friend a cute contact card. This way, their parents can get a hold of you to organize a time to get together. My kids always start the year with a few cards in their backpack to make it extra simple.

Between four kids, I go through a LOT of contact cards.

Also, if you are a regular Creative Fashion Blog reader, you likely own an Etsy shop or other handmade business too. Using boutique business cards as hang tags for your products gives your handmade products a high-end vibe and can be included in every package and order. They work double duty to show your handmade products in a more polished light.

Granted, there are a lot of places to get business cards, but having a truly exceptional design and quality will make your cards stand out and make it more likely for people to keep them. At BasicInvite.com, you can also get almost unlimited colors, recieve custom samples before you place a full order, and they even have metallic foil options.

Use Coupon Code 15FF51 for an exclusive discount!

They are also where I get beautiful stationary to write handwritten notes to friends, thank you letters after the holidays or birthdays, and I even plan to use BasicInvite to print the invitations themselves.

Everything is really incredible quality and creates a thoughtful, personalized impression for the reciever.

Because that’s what it’s all about right?

I believe that in making more personal connections and showing people that we care enough about them to make an effort, we will all feel more connected, less anxious, and happier.

When was the last time you recieved a handwritten note?

How did it make you feel?

Do you still have it?

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