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What’s better for summer than a comfy, breezy, little black dress?


One you’ve made yourself. :)

DIY Bleach Pen Little Black Boho Dress Full Tutorial clothing refashion

Before this little DIY, I loved this black maxi dress. It was great for airports, farmer’s markets… basically anywhere I wanted to go and look presentable and still be ridiculously comfortable. It’s the perfect length and has a low back with some sexy cross-straps. Now, after I took a bleach pen to it, I love it even more.

How to make a Bleach Pen Little Black Dress. Full DIY Tutorial


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How to make a DIY Bleach Pen Little Black Dress

Stick the cardboard inside your dress so the bleach doesn’t leak through and start drawing. Get creative here and draw whatever you want. I looked up some tribal print ideas and drew an abstract feather to get me started and just built on that until I ran out of space… and bleach.

When you’re all done, let it sit for about 10-15 minutes until the bleach starts to change your fabric. Depending of what your dress is made out of, this could take 5 minutes or 15. Just keep an eye on it to see how the bleach is processing.

Once your bleach has processed and dyed your design, it’s time to rinse your fabric. Run it under the sink with some cool water before throwing it in your washing machine with cold water as well. You can use regular detergent… but be sure you don’t include anything else in the load. You wouldn’t want to risk getting bleach on anything else.

DIY Bleach Pen Little Black Boho Dress Full Tutorial

After your dress is dried, it’s ready to wear! Slip it on and enjoy the rest of your day. Besides washing and drying time, this DIY should be a quick and easy, twenty minute project. I’ll be wearing my dress this weekend with some fringe booties, some statement jewelry, sunglasses and a top knot. Maybe I’ll pair it with my DIY Leather Fringe Clutch?

DIY Bleach Pen Little Black Dress Full Tutorial

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DIY Bleach Pen Little Black Dress

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below.

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