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Is it just me, or has the holiday season become too hectic, too overwhelming, and sometimes too gaudy? This year, I’m excited to pivot our holiday decorations (and month in general) in another direction completely. No overdone festive Christmas decorations like nativity scenes or Santa Claus here! I’m excited to bring more natural elements and a more minimalist look to our space and opt for a more simple, casual, boho-chic Christmas.

This weekend, why not make a delicious cup of hot chocolate (or better yet, simple green tea to counter all the sweets) and have a relaxing afternoon making your home a perfectly festive and cozy space without breaking the bank. No one wants to stress over the excess glitter that never seems to clean up completely anyway.

Below are some awesome boho chic Christmas decor ideas from awesome bloggers around the internet that you can actually make yourself.


DIY Fur Trim Christmas Stockings

This easy tutorial comes with a free pattern you can print from any at-home printer. The video instructions make it easy to follow along as well. See the full DIY HERE.

How to Make an easy faux fur DIY Christmas Stocking FREE printable pdf pattern

DIY Tassel Ornaments

CrazyWonderful created these surprisingly simple boho tassel ornaments. They are so simple that the kids can join in, and make different colors in their own version of holiday spirit! See the DIY HERE

DIY Gold Leaf Pine Cone Garland

This versatile pine cone garland by thesweetestoccasion.com is perfect for hanging on a mantle, over an archway, or even as Christmas ornaments on your tree. See the full tutorial HERE.

golden pine cone garland diy for friendsgiving decor

Simple Fur Stockings

Basic Christmas stocking get a chic update when they are made from plush fur.

Photo and DIY Idea via Pinterest.com (source unknown)

Triangle Natural Wreath

The triangular shape and natural elements make this wreath perfectly festive for the magic of the season, without being overbearing. See the DIY by FallForDIY.com HERE

DIY Foraged Triangle Christmas Wreath | @fallfordiy
Photo and DIY by fallfordiy.com

DIY Floral Tree

Adding silk flowers to a tree makes it absolutely stunning! I never would have thought of this but it adds so much vibrancy and warmth to cold winter days. See the full tutorial by designlovefest.com HERE

DIY Book Page Feather Garland

The gold dipped look of these recycled paper feathers adds texture and whimsy to any decor. See the full tutorial by LifeIsAParty HERE.

How To Make Book Page Paper Feathers: using old book pages, a glue stick and a wire for a center make beautiful feathers to use as a garland, gift topper, or Christmas tree ornament. Make it festive by adding gold glitter. Easy Holiday DIY.

Festive Star Ornaments

Painted stars are colorful displays that add interest and festivity to your tree. See the full post by BohemianPages.com HERE

Photo and DIY Idea by bohemianpages.blogspot.com

Natural-Filled Ornaments

SoulMakes.com has quickly become one of my favorite blogs to follow. These DIY filled ornaments are strikingly beautiful and so easy to make. They give a boho snow globes feel to any tree!

Photo and DIY Tutorial by Soulmakes.com

Boho Tassel Ornaments

Placeofmytaste.com created these adorable ombre tassel ornaments that are sure to bring some bohemian charm to any tree. See the full tutorial HERE.

DIY BOHO Tassel ornament
Photo and tutorial by PlaceOfMyTaste.com

Handprint Ornaments

Mermablog.com had the greatest idea with this tutorial to make a keepsake Christmas ornament using your child’s own handprint.

Photo and tutorial by mermagblog.com

Simple Minimalist Wreath

Make the cutest natural wreath with this step by step tutorial by francoisetmoi.com

Swedish Candle Wreath DIY -
Photo and tutorial by francoisetmoi.com

Feather Garland DIY

This paper feather garland is perfect to spruce up a fireplace with a touch of elegance (or really anything you set them on) without taking much time to prepare. Find the full DIY by LiaGriffith.com HERE.

Photo and Tutorial by LiaGriffith.com

Clay Feather Ornaments

These clay ornaments by 100LayerCake.com are probably one of my favorite DIY’s of the month. See the full post HERE to make your own.

DIY clay feathers | by Kelli Murray | 100 Layer Cake
Photo and Tutorial by 100LayerCake.com

Oversize Snowflake Craft

These oversize snowflakes make a massive impact in less time that it takes to steep a cup of tea. Read the full post by OhHappyDay HERE and make your own. The best part is that you can fold them up and easily use them for next year too!

Giant Paper Snowflakes | Oh Happy Day!
Photo and tutoria by ohhappyday.com

Natural Branch Candle Holder

Make your own rustic candle holders with this easy DIY from TheBudgetDecorator. Cut them at various sizes and heights for a dramatic look. See the DIY HERE

DIY Birch Candle Holders - DIY Ideas 4 Home
Photo and DIY Tutorial by TheBudgetDecorator.com

Painted Pinecones

Simple pine cones painted white look fresh and modern against a green tree. It’s especially a fun way to craft with the whole family! Make your own with this tutorial from CountryLiving HERE.

Spray-painted white, pinecones really pop against evergreen boughs.RELATED: 12 Easy, Homemade Christmas Ornaments
Photo and Tutorial by Country Living

Decoupaged Animal Ornaments

Newspaper and animal prints give basic ornaments are beautiful update. See the full DIY HERE.

Photo and Tutorial by http://voyagesofthecreativevariety.blogspot.com[/caption%5D

Feather & Pine Bottles

While this blog post wasn’t necessarily about how to make these bottles in particular, I love this idea! It would look so great along a windowsill or on a fireplace mantle. See the post by SoulMakes.com HERE.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="760"] Photo and Decor Idea by SoulMakes.com

Tree Sprigs Wall Hanging

This post by PetitAndSmall.com has some of the cutest DIY Christmas decor ideas. I especially love this simple and minimalist tree hanging and how it creates the silhouette of a tree.

Do you want to decorate your home for the Christmas season with something special but don’t have that much time? Here’re some easy-to-create Christmas decorations and crafts your family can make. Use simple things to create little treasures. Branches, felt, paper, clay, sweets or clothespins can be turned  into beautiful decorations. Why not try it? DIY […]
Photo and tutorial by petitandsmall.com

Peace Wreath

Create a peace wreath from any basic with this easy DIY tutorial. This idea is pure genius!

DIY Christmas peace wreath - 32" Flower Child Hippie Peace Sign Wreath - by Rachael Bower
photo by Pinterest (unknown link)

Twig Ornaments

TheDIYDreamer.com created these amazing twig ornaments out of simple string, glue, and twigs. Create your own magical moments making them too! See the full DIY Tutorial HERE

Photo and tutorial by TheDIYDreamer.com

Paper Book Garland

This simple DIY from LifeIsAParty.ca is so simple and cute! You can use the timeless styles of typed words on your walls, or even your Christmas trees! Check out the full blog post HERE.

How To Make Book Pages Feathers With A Touch Of Glitter! What a fun and easy DIY project for big people and even little people to make!
Photo and tutorial by LifeIsAParty.Ca

Feather Arrow Ornaments

Could these ornaments be any cuter! I can’t get over this idea. See the full post by ThoughtsFromAlice.com HERE

Take a more bohemian approach with your ornaments by making arrows with twigs, feathers, and wooden beads.
Photo & Tutorial by ThoughtsFromAlice.com

Round Tassel Hanging

This beautiful tassel and wood wall hanging can stay up all year. Make your own with ABeautifulMess.com via this tutorial HERE.

DIY Scandinavian Wall Hanging | A Beautiful Mess
Photo and DIY Idea by ABeautifulMess.com

Well guys I hope this little post left you guys excited and inspired for this upcoming season! Personally, I’m super-excited to take some of these DIY’s and make them my own…. that’s the beauty of a great DIY right? Getting creative, getting your hands messy, and creating something that makes you happy and fills your space with even more joy is what the holidays are all about.

So this Christmas, I hope you stay sane, actually get the time to enjoy the things you love doing, and spending even more time with the people who mean the most to you. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you again soon.

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