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Lately, I’ve been loving the vibrant, colorful, bohemian aesthetic. So today, I thought I’d share this quick tutorial on how to make DIY tassels so you can customize anything that needs a little update. I love how these little pom pom balls of color make almost anything more festive! They are such a great addition to any boho leaning wardrobe. Make one to add to a necklace or several to embellish any boring tote bags or purses!

Tassels are awesome ornamental decorations that have been used for thousands of years in various cultures. The exact origin of tassels is unclear, but they have been found in ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Chinese artifacts.

In ancient Egypt, tassels were used as decorations on the headdresses of pharaohs and other important figures. In ancient Greece, tassels were used on the ends of ropes and cords, as well as on the corners of garments.In China, tassels were used as decorative knots on clothing and accessories, as well as on ceremonial objects. They are used on military uniforms, in graduation ceremonies, and on clothing and accessories. A beautiful tassel is literally timeless!

Follow the step by step instructions to be able to make your own beautiful and unique handmade tassels.

DIY Colorful Tassels

Make Your Own Tassel Supplies:

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How to make a DIY Tassel

The Process:

Start out by winding your embroidery thread around your business card, making a loop shape. Wind until you get your desired thickness. Stop about 2 feet from the end of the piece of thread and cut. From the remaining 2 feet, cut three 5 inch sections. It’s a good idea to have pretty sharp scissors, The cuts will look so much cleaner. I used fabric scissors.

How to make a tassel

Bring these three sections together and slide them under the wound thread on your business card.

DIY Fabric Tassels

Now, make a tight knot to secure your wound thread together.

Make a Tassel

You should have 6 pieces of thread at the top part of the tassel now. Braid them together.

How to make tassel embellishments

THe next step is to cut the other end of the bundle of threads to remove it from the business card and make the bottom of the tassel.

How to make a tassel

Now, take the reaming excess thread you left aside at the beginning and place it under the body of your tassel. Tie it in a tight knot to secure the head of the tassel.

DIY Tassel

Wind the rest of the thread around your tassel, stopping occasionally to tie more stabilizing knots. When you get to the end of the thread, cut off the excess for a cute trim tassel.DIY Fringe Tassel

Video Tutorial:

Ta da! You’ve made your own tassel! Now you have a fun way to decorate all your accessories, create jewelry, and really get creative with these colorful little embellishments. You could use a piece of cardboard to make smaller tassels or a bigger tassel! If you have time and the inclination, a yarn tassel garland is a beautiful boho addition to any home decor. You’ll be an expert tassel maker in no time! It’s such a great way to update any old pieces you have in your wardrobe. Check out how I used them HERE.

How To Make a Colorful TasselDIY Colorful TasselsMake your own tassel embellishments