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Regardless of if you are just getting started bra making or are a DIY lingerie expert, it’s always fun to learn new tips and tricks. I have absolutely loved creating a handmade lingerie drawer full of beautiful pieces that fit perfectly. Today I’m excited to walk you through 5 quick tips that will make the bra making process that much easier.

Bra making tips and tricks you wish you knew..

Why Bra Making?

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had that frustrating moment in the department store while shopping for lingerie. Why doesn’t anything fit? Why are dressing rooms always stocked with unflattering fluorescent lighting? Why does it feel like bras aren’t actually made to fit actual people?

I have left dressing rooms more times than I can count feeling frustrated before I began making my own lingerie. It seems like no matter how high-end the store, fit frustrations continue.

That is, until I had a realization.

If I’m confident enough to create all my own clothes from scratch, why was I not making my own lingerie too? How much harder could it actually be?

The epiphany struck me like a bolt of lightening while I was waiting in line to spend $75 on 1/2 yard of fabric at a lingerie store. These panties would be easy to make! 

From there, the rest is history. I’ve made seamless panties, strappy bralettes, lace bra refashions, and even my own DIY swimming suits that fit better than anything I’ve ever purchased pre-made before.

Along the way, I’ve also picked up a few little bra making tips and tricks that I can’t wait to share with you!

Bra making tips

3 Tips On Buying Lingerie Fabric

  1. Since lingerie is going to be sliding against the most delicate parts of your body throughout the day, it’s especially important to use quality fabrics that are as comfortable as they are beautiful. Sometimes, inexpensive- yet beautiful fabrics can be surprisingly irritating to your skin. To test a fabrics softness, gently glide the fabric or trimming across the inside of your wrist. The inside of your wrist is delicate enough to get an idea of what that fabric is going to feel like against your skin throughout the day.
  2. By opening yourself up to shopping for fabric online, you also have unlimited variety and quality. I recommend being extra cautious and only shopping from credible sources and retailers when investing in fabric online. To be sure you’re getting a quality product, take note of the fabric composition and stick to natural, quality fibers like 100% silk. I love Tissura.com for luxury, quality fabrics.
  3. Did you know most lingerie from stores only lasts 3 months according to manufacturers? While there are several quality factors that go into this, a huge part is the fabric content. Most store-bought lingerie is made of inexpensive polyester. While it may look and feel nice at first, polyester does not breath and gets uncomfortable as soon as you begin to perspire and the fibers begin to break down quickly. Save yourself the heartache and start out with quality fabrics before investing your time and skill in bra making.

Bra making tips and tricks you wish you heard

5 Tricks To Keeping Silky Fabric In Place

  1. Often, silky fabrics can slide around during the cutting process, making cutting out your pattern difficult. A simple way to make cutting silk fabrics easier is just to place a sheet of inexpensive Tissue Paper under your fabric before placing your pattern pieces on your fabric. The slight tension grips your fabric and holds in gently in place during the cutting process.
  2. Use Extra-Fine Glass Head Pins to pin your pattern pieces to your fabric. The sharp pins can penetrate delicate fabrics like silks and satins without damaging or snagging delicate threads.
  3. Try to only pin the Extra-Fine Glass Head Pins within the seam allowance of your pattern if possible. Also, since silky fabrics tend to move while cutting, place your pins about every 4 to six inches apart.
  4. When cutting your fabric, use large, intentional cuts with Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears to keep fraying to a minimum. Since your fabric is sandwiched in between your paper pattern and tissue paper, don’t be afraid to cut through the bottom layer of Tissue Paper.

 Tools To Make Fabric Cutting Easier

I hope these 8 quick and easy tips make your next DIY lingerie project a little easier! once you’ve made your first little bralette, I’d be shocked if you weren’t hooked and started making more! I’m excited to see what you come up with!

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