DIY Accessories

DIY Messenger Bag

Make A DIY Messenger Bag From Scratch!

Today, let’s make a DIY messenger bag from scratch!¬† This messenger bag tutorial can be switched up to make large bags, small bags, laptop bags, tall and skinny passport holders…… you name it. This DIY messenger bag is completely customizable to suit whatever you can think of. Don’t you just love that? For today’s tutorial, […] Read more…

Fringe Heel makeoever. How to refashion your shoes with boho embellishments

DIY High Heels Fringe Refashion

There’s something sooo fun about slipping on a pair of new shoes right? I swear nothing elevates a look or brings an outfit together quite like the right shoe. But what if your bank account won’t quite accommodate yet another shoe purchase? Or what if you don’t feel like dragging the kids out shopping again?  […] Read more…

Refashion Your Leather Boots In Just Ten Minutes with Simple Suede Lace!

Lace Up Suede Boot Makeover

Who doesn’t love a quick and easy boot makeover? Today’s project is a ten minute tutorial to update the look of your old boots and give them just a little more personality and character.  This easy boot makeover was inspired by (yet another) shopping trip. Lately, I love going into high-end boutiques to get ideas […] Read more…