How to make DIY fabric flowers using silk and a blow torch. Make Roses and peonies easy tutorial

How To Make DIY Fabric Flowers…. With A Blowtorch

When I married my husband, it may come as no surprise that we wanted a DIY wedding. I made my own wedding dress, my cousin created the most magnificent cake, and my parents got to work making hundreds of fabric flowers. These DIY fabric flowers decorated our cake, bridesmaid dresses, boutonnieres, and my entire wedding […] Read more…

FREE printable feminine pumpkin Blank Thank You Cards..

FREE Autumn Printable Thank You Cards

I’m going to open up here by saying there are few things I love more than finding a handmade card from someone I care about. There’s something about a hand written letter that is so much more special than any other form of communication. It’s personal. It’s authentic. It takes longer to create and is […] Read more…