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how to make a headband for DIY face Masks

How To Make A Headband For DIY Face Masks

How To Make A Headband that works with all DIY face mask tutorials. Relieve the pull from sore ears by making this simple headband that compliments all DIY Face Masks or store-bought dust masks. This project makes every mask more comfortable so they can be worn for longer. Yesterday’s DIY Face Mask was so much […] Read more…

how to use and make your own sewing pattern weights

DIY Sewing Pattern Weights From Resin

Learn how to make your own sewing pattern weights with this quick and easy resin tutorial. These fabric weights will come in handy the next time you are cutting out a sewing pattern and don’t want to leave puncture holes from pins in your paper yet still hold everything in place for cutting. Today I’m […] Read more…

sewing canvas tips and tricks

Sewing Canvas Tips And Tricks. How To Sew Canvas

This ultimate guide will show you the most useful tips on sewing canvas. You’ll learn how to sew canvas with a basic sewing machine or by hand to create incredible projects! Canvas used to be reserved for painters cloth, sails, and other utility purposes but now canvas comes in so many different prints and colors […] Read more…