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Whenever I’m feeling uninspired I always start with a t-shirt. Today, that t-shirt transformed into this adorable little DIY babydoll dress.

Chances are, you have a few too many old t-shirts floating around too. T-shirts make the perfect launching pad for sooo many refashion projects! On Creative Fashion Blog, we have used them to create woven back details, turn them into no sew dresses, and even an asymmetrical ruffle top – one of my most popular tutorials so far.

How to make an easy DIY chiffon babydoll t-shirt dress refashion

But back to this DIY babydoll dress – isn’t it just sooooo cute!

By using a t-shirt as the top and just adding a simple chiffon skirt, you save a ton of time and can bust this project out in less than 2 hours. When I started this DIY babydoll dress, I planned on making it into a floor-length maxi dress. Sadly, when I put it on, I felt 6 months pregnant so cut the bottom off. Now it’s a sexy little dress I’ll pair with boots and the thigh high stockings we made last fall.

Part of the fun in creating your own clothes is being able to pivot mid-project and make it your own right?

How to make a DIY chiffon babydoll tee shirt dress refashion


My supply lists are shoppable for your convenience! Just click any aff. link below so you can complete this project without adding extra errands to your day!

Supplies to make a chiffon babydoll t shirt dress refashion

How To Make A DIY Babydoll Dress

  1. Start out by laying 1 yard of chiffon fabric out on a table. Since the fabric we’ll be using is sheer and the seam will be visible from the outside of the dress, we’ll be making a french seam. To do this, fold your fabric in half lengthwise with the wrong sides together.
  2. Straight stitch the raw edge to make a tube using a 5/8″ seam allowance.
  3. Trim the seam allowance in half.
  4. Iron your seam allowance open. This step is important because it brings the seam forward to create a finished edge and makes it possible to do step 5.
  5. Flip your fabric so the right sides are together and pin your new seam. Iron it again so everything lays flat.
  6. Sew another straight stitch down the length of your fabric 1/4″ away from the edge.
  7. When you are done, your raw edge should be fully encased in your seam and look finished from both the inside and the outside. hem the length of your chiffon using whatever method you prefer.
  8. Take your 1 yard of knit lining fabric and sew it lengthwise together. Hem, then slide your lining fabric inside your chiffon tube.
  9. Pleat the fabric all the way around and pin into place. Be sure to measure and be sure you aren’t making the opening of your waist too small to fit your t-shirt! Stay-stitch your pleats into place using a wide straight stitch on your sewing machine.
  10. Slide the skirt portion into your DIY babydoll dress into the top of your t-shirt. make sure the right sides are all facing each other and pin into place.
  11. Sew around the outside to attach them together and complete your dress!

How to make a chiffon babydoll t shirt dress refashionHow to make a chiffon babydoll tshirt dress refashionstep 4 step 5How to make a chiffon babydoll tshirt dress refashion step 6 and 7How to make a chiffon babydoll tshirt dress refashion step 8 and 9How to make a chiffon babydoll tshirt dress refashion step 10 and 11

I hope you guys liked this little tutorial and yours turned out great! I think this little dress makes the perfect fall transition piece because it’s perfect for layering over tights, boots, warm jackets and scarves. The fitted top make it less bulky overall but you can still see the pretty little skirt with any outfit.

How to make a DIY chiffon babydoll t shirt dress refashionHow to make a DIY chiffon babydoll t-shirt dress refashion

Shop The Look:

In celebration of fall, I thought I’d share with you guys some awesome deals on similar suede thigh-high boots for less than $50. These boots may be my favorite accessory for the season but can get pretty expensive if you don’t know where to look. Enjoy!

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How to make a DIY chiffon babydoll t-shirt dress refashion....How to make a DIY chiffon babydoll t-shirt dress refashion..How to make a simple chiffon babydoll t shirt dress refashion

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