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Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with these simple FREE Christmas Bucket List Printables. They are perfect for sticking in an advent calendar, in a mason jar to pull each day, or even to sneak under your kids pillows to surprise them with an awesome holiday surprise each day.

Christmas Advent Calendar Printables

I geek out over the magic of Christmas. Not just because awesome gifts from my husband are fun to receive, but I fill the month with so many incredible memories with my family as well. Often, it feels like kids get the short end of the stick on Christmas because all of the attention around them revolves around what they will receive. Don’t get me wrong- my kids get spoiled rotten on Christmas morning! We are just also incredibly mindful to spend massive amounts of time throughout the month doing random acts of kindness, charity work, and spending quality time together. I really believe it balances all the “gimmies” out and creates a more well-rounded holiday.

Since every family’s spare time varies, I created 6 pages and over 40 Christmas activities and random acts of kindness to fill your month with even more memories no matter how busy your schedule is. Everything from outdoor activities like sledding and ice skating to more simpler cards such as drinking hot cider, making a gingerbread house, and writing a letter to Santa.

Print this DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Countdown

Just print out the free Christmas Bucket List below, cut them out, and they are ready to use. This year, we will beĀ  adding one to each day on our massive DIY Advent Calendar. I coordinated them with the events we already had planned so we will actually be able to complete it! The day my mom planned her gingerbread-building party, happens to have the “Build A Gingerbread House” card in it and so on. You can read more about that HERE.

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

I really hope that these little Christmas Bucket List Printables make this the best Christmas yet! Happy Holidays!