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Who doesn’t love a little boho hair? In today’s tutorial, we’ll be making a simple, totally-wearable DIY Agate Hair Clip.

I love how the simple agate slice adds a whole new level of dimension and detail to an otherwise basic hairstyle. You could seriously wear this so many ways. I didn’t use to wear hair clips at all, but after playing with this one a bit now I’m tempted to make more and more. Clip it in under a bun to add more lift and texture or use it to pull one side on a long hairstyle behind your ear. Wear it however you like but personally, I wear it most like this:

Make a DIY Agate Hair Pin

Making this DIY agate hair clip is pretty straightforward and nearly impossible to mess up! Set aside about ten minutes to make each one.


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How to make an Agate Hair Pin

How To Make A DIY Agate Hair Clip:

How to make an Agate Hair Barrette

The process truly is incredibly simple. Set your barrette on a flat surface in a well ventilated area. The glue we will be using has a strong bond but also requires extra precautions when you are working with it.

Open the E6000 lid and apply a thin line to the top of your barrette. Put the agate slice in place and flip the entire thing upside down to dry. This prevents anything from slipping during the drying process.

Let your DIY agate hair clip sit overnight before clipping it into your hair.


Make an Agate Hair Pin

I love theĀ  unexpected detail this colorful little hair clip adds to just about anything. Since barrettes aren’t worn often, they make a big impact on an overall look while still being totally wearable… even when you are in a totally casual setting.

I hope you guys liked this little tutorial and head off to make your own! You can also see my other Hair DIYs HERE and my Jewelry Tutorials HERE. This particular DIY is so simple to complete and even makes a great, thoughtful little gift. As always, if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below!

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Make a DIY Agate Hair Clip

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