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I love the look of large, statement rings, especially when they showcase oversize, natural gemstones. For today’s DIY, we’ll be making this quick and easy DIY Agate Statement Ring in five minutes or less.

Yup….. you read that right.

You can complete this project in under 5 five minutes and have a ring collection you really love this afternoon. Before we dive in, check out my other ring DIY HERE and my other agate jewelry projects HERE and HERE.

DIY Agate Statement Ring with this 5 minute tutorial


My supply lists are shoppable for your convenience! Just click any link below to get everything you’ll need to complete this project without adding extra errands to your day. They are affiliate links so I make a small commission if you choose to purchase something to put towards new projects!

DIY Agate Statement Ring with this easy tutorial

How To Make A DIY Agate Statement Ring

Make Your Own Agate Statement Ring with this step by step DIY

This tutorial is going to be so simple, I almost feel silly writing a full blog post on it! Open your E6000 Glue (and open a window! The fumes from this stuff while it’s drying can be intense!) and squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your ring blank. be sure your ring blank is clean and dry to create the strongest bond possible.

Make Your Own Agate Statement Ring with this easy DIY

Now press your favorite agate slice onto the ring blank. Since your agate slice is flat, it’s easy to flip the whole thing over and dry like pictured above. Let it sit for a few hours and see how it fits! The adjustable ring base will fit almost any ring size.

DIY Agate Statement Ring with this easy 5 minute tutorial

I hope you liked today’s tutorial! Thanks so much for reading my little blog. If you liked the project, be sure to share the idea with your friends!