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Why do you need a purse organizer insert in the first place?

While I can’t speak for everyone, today’s DIY has been a game changer for me and I’m thinking I can’t be alone.

Yesterday I wasted a good half hour of my morning searching for my car keys that ended up being lost inside my purse. They were right where they needed to be. How pathetic is it when you loose something and it ends being right where it belongs?

It’s like loosing your shoes when they are on your feet or loosing your phone when it’s in your hand.

Yesterday morning, I was frustrated with Jon for obviously misplacing my keys, starting to accuse my kids, and basically working myself into a general panic when I emptied my bag for the last time and found them neatly tucked deep into an inside pocket.

I think I need to organize my bag better.

Am ! the only one who after a few weeks of carrying my go-to bag, it starts to resemble a portable trash-can rather than my favorite accessory? Why do I carry a trash can around with me? On any given day you can find everything from empty straw wrappers, crumpled up receipts, and granola bars that have been crushed into teeny tiny bits until they are completely inedible all inside my purse.

After loosing my keys for the last time, I decided to solve the problem once and for all with a 30 minute DIY project.

Keeping everything I need neatly placed in this purse organizer insert makes switching out purses quick and easy, keeps the mess inside my bag to a minimum, and guarantees I never loose anything inside my purse.

DIY Magnetic Pouch Purse Organizer

Purse Organizer Insert Supplies

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DIY Zippered Magnetic Pocket Purse Organizer .

How To Make A Purse Organizer Insert

DIY Magnetic Pocket Purse Organizer how to

First, use a ruler and pen to draw a dot 1 1/2″ from the side seam and 2″ down from your zipper. This will be your placement marker. Draw dots on the front and back sides of one pouch, on the front of just one pouch, and on the back of the third pouch.

Make a DIY Magnetic Pouch Purse Organizer -

Next, take out your magnetic clasps and separate the metal disks from the visible magnetic pieces.

Make your own Magnetic Pocket Purse Organizer

Use an X-ACTO Knife  to pierce holes on either side of your marked dot. This will allow you to slide the sides of your magnetic clasps into place.

DIY Magnetic Pocket Purse Organizer .

Use your package directions to attach the metal magnetic clasps to your zippered pouch.

DIY Magnetic Pocket Purse Organizer

Continue until you have magnetic clasps on both sides of one pocket, the backside of another pocket, and the front side of the last pocket. When you are done, your bags should look something like this:

Make a DIY Magnetic Pouch Purse Organizer

Now, you can click them all together and load them up!

Using this purse organizer insert is really simple and will look a little bit different for everyone based on the contents of your bag. Since mine included three separate zippered pouches, I designated one to post-gym hygiene, one to kids emergencies (which carries extra bandaids, sunscreen, a granola bar, and wet wipes, and another to hair ties, chapsticks, and concealer.

When everything has a place inside my purse organizer insert, finding things is so much faster. Now, when I look in my bag, I see each zippered compartment and my car keys,,,, easy!

I like how these pouches slide easily into my other DIY Bags and Purses. If you liked this tutorial, be sure to check out the full DIY Accessory Library HEREDIY magnetic Purse Organizer

DIY Purse Organizer Insert Video Tutorial

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DIY purse organizer insert tutorial