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Make This Chiffon Draped Tank with this DIY T-Shirt Refashion

Guys…. I am so in love with this DIY chiffon draped tank…. I want to wear it every day.

I love it so much more than the basic spaghetti strap this shirt was before. I would wear it as an undershirt or with my husbands pajama pants. Now it’s got some extra detail, a more comfortable shape, and an uber-chic drape. The best part about this little project is that you can refashion this SO easily from a tank you already have and an 18″ strip of inexpensive chiffon fabric.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Make This Chiffon Draped Tank with this easy DIY T-Shirt Refashion

Here Are A Few Chiffon Fabrics I Love and Recommend:

How to Refashion a DIY Draped Chiffon Tank

Make This Chiffon Draped Tank with this quick and easy T-Shirt Refashion

First, take your chiffon fabric and cut it to 18″ wide. Next, take your ruler wrap it around your shoulders and over your arms. Mine was about 45″. Your measurement will be different based on your unique body. Cut the length to match.

Next, fold your long strip in half and pin into place. You should have something that looks similar to this:

Make This Summer Draped Tank with this step by step DIY T-Shirt Refashion

Now, sew your strip of fabric where it is pinned to create a circle/ loop.

Fold it in half to find the exact front and back of your fabric and place a pin in it to mark. Use these marks to pin your chiffon to the neckline of your tank. Simply slide your tank top into your loop and pin into place. Do not sew past the straps to create the delicate drape effect. Don’t forget to pin and sew both the front and back of the shirt.

Make This Chiffon Draped Tank with this step by step DIY T-Shirt Refashion

To create a delicate drape to the front, stretch the neckline of your tank as you pin it into place. You will need to stretch the neckline when you sew it as well to create a lightly gathered effect that drapes nicely.

DIY Chiffon Draped Tank with this Simple T-Shirt Refashion

Tip: When you pin your chiffon to your tank, wrap it on the underside of your neckline and pin into place. (envision tucking a napkin into your neck at dinner.) This will avoid any raw, rough edges showing once your shirt is finished.

Make This Chiffon Draped Tank with this Simple DIY T-Shirt Refashion

Slide on your new DIY chiffon draped tank and enjoy! I hope you like it!

As usual, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Until next time,

LisaDIY Chiffon Draped Tank with this Step by step T-Shirt Refashion tutorial Make This Chiffon Draped Tank with this Simple DIY Refashion DIY this chiffon draped tank in less than 30 minutes .

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