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 My whole adult life, I’ve struggled with my skin. It seemed in high school, I could pass out after a late night with full makeup and never think twice about it, but as soon as 19 hit BAM! Uncontrollable breakouts. I really feel like I’ve tried everything. Drink more water, wash twice, use something for sensitive skin, something for acne prone skin, take this mystery pill that somehow gives you dandruff- you name it, I feel like I tried it.

What This Facial Moisturizer Will Do:

For years I’ve believed that simpler, more natural alternatives are better and often work more effectively than chemicals. So far, this DIY Facial Oil has saved my skin in so many more ways than one.

-It moisturizes incredibly and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft.

-It fights breakouts, calms existing ones, and makes zits heal faster.

-It balances my skin. Before using it, my cheeks would get oily, my chin so dry it cracked on hot days, and I feel like I always had an shiny forehead. Now I’l go days without wearing makeup and feel great.

How It Works:


How does it work? Coconut Oil is one of natures greatest moisturizers. It also has excellent anti-wrinkle properties, locks in moisture after you wash your face, reduces stretch marks, is a natural cleanser, makeup remover, and cellulite solution.

Tea Tree Oil (otherwise known as Melaleuca) is the ultimate anti-bac, anti-fungi, and calmer of skin reactions, but can be harsh if used alone. This simple recipe has been the perfect balance for me and I hope it works incredibly for you too.

Supplies You’ll Need:

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How To Make It:

  1. Open your glass bottle and set dropper cap aside.
  2. Fill 3/4 with Fractionated Coconut Oil
  3. Fill the last 1/4 with Melaleuca Essential Oil
  4. Mix by closing the bottle and rotating back and forth to stir.
  5. Apply a few drops after washing your face to clean, dry skin both morning and night for best results.

I can’t wait to hear how you like it!

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