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Today’s crystal necklace DIY is one I’ve been so excited to share with you for awhile! The unexpected lariat design as made even-cooler with the agate geode center stone. It makes the DIY necklace suddenly more versatile since you can loosen or tighten the center stone to create varying levels of detail. The best part? This necklace is soooo easy to make. You could be wearing it in less than 20 minutes!

DIY geode lariat necklace with this simple tutorial

Crystal Necklace Supplies:

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DIY geode lariat necklace with this tutorial

Crystal Necklace Steps:

First, cut your cord to the length you’d like. Be sure it’s long enough to be folded in half and then fit over your head with several inches to spare.

With your cord folded in half, slide the middle loop through the center of your stone and then through itself to create a loop like this:

Make a geode lariat necklace with this step by step DIY

Slide the ends of your cord through the hole in your stone again to create the basic lariat shape.

DIY geode lariat necklace with this step by step tutorial

Next, thread one wooden bead through the end of your cord and tie to secure.

Tie the top of your feather with the cord and slide the wooden bead over down. This is to cover the top of the feather and conceal the knot that holds everything in place.

Repeat on the other side.

Ta da! Now slide the crystal necklace over your head and tighten as much as you like. You can wear it with the stone near your neck or loose like a regular necklace with the stone falling around your chest.

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