My new DIY office desk isn’t even fully set up yet but it already brings me so much happiness.

We are in the process of repainting, re-arranging bedrooms, and starting some huge renovations in our house. With everything seemingly in chaos and more projects than I can sometimes handle, my office furniture was (thankfully) a super-simple DIY and the entire set cost me less than fifty bucks.

In this post, I’ll share how I made my gold and marble DIY office desk but you can find the full tutorial on how I made my chair for less than $20 HERE 

Make this full tutorial glam recycled office DIYThe glam recycled office DIY

apply marble contact paper

I absolutely love how this desk came out. When school starts and fall begins, I’m so excited to drop the kids off in the morning and be able to sit and drink my morning coffee here while I go over emails. After such an eventful and exhausting summer with the kids, this sounds like a vacation in itself to me. Is anyone else feeling the same way?

I know gold and glam isn’t for everyone, but I’m in love with my entire whole vision.

Jon picked up this desk for me for free down the street a few days ago. I love cruising the classifieds for cool furniture lately. This table just wasn’t amazing yet. It was ugly and boring but had great lines and a lot of potential.

the desk before. DIY this thrifted desk makeoverthe desk before. Thrifted desk makeover


I gathered some supplies.

First, I got this gold spray paint and this contact paper from Amazon. I checked several stores and searched awhile online before I discovered it was worth the wait to get this one delivered. Trust me, If you have any kind of faux marble project, you’ll be wanting this particular brand of contact paper. It applies the best, looks like the real thing (my mother in law could not believe it was contact paper even when she was touching it) and costs less than $15. 
use this contact paper to create your dream office

The Process:

spray paint a thrifted desk gold to makeover your office

After wiping the dirty desk down, I sprayed several light coats of the gold spray paint onto the metal parts of my desk. I didn’t cover the top and wasn’t careful about over-spray since it was going to get covered up anyways. Let it dry.

the desk finished

Next, carefully apply the contact paper to the top of the desk in one, clean sheet. I started at the underside and wrapped the contact paper around the corners to create the illusion of a large slab of marble. This is so much easier with 2 people so one can focus on holding the contact paper up while the other presses any air bubbles out.

Recycle an old office desk to create this glam gold and marble table

Since contact paper doesn’t need to dry at all, we carried it inside immediately and I was able to get straight to work. The next day we completed this glam office chair that totally compliments the table. Just in case you missed it, the Chair DIY is right here.

I hope you guys liked this DIY office desk! I’ll be sure to keep you updated as I’m putting the office together and let you know how all of our home renovations are coming along. If you have any questions, just leave me a comment below and I’d be happy to help out.

How this fashion blogger made her own marble and gold recycled desk.

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