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You’ve worked pretty hard for your hair to be healthy and strong. You might use a DIY protein hair mask every once in awhile and even spritz your hair with Moisturizing Serum Spray¬†each morning. After all that extra love and attention it makes no sense to hold it up with a basic bobby pin. Nope. Your hair deserves the extra love and attention you’ve shown the rest of your closet.

That’s where today’s tutorial comes in….

How to Make Crystal DIY Hair Pins. Boho chic hair accessory tutorial

These gorgeous crystal hair pins are the perfect DIY hair accessory. Use just one to pull your hair back or add even more detail by stacking several into a sock bun. These DIY hair pins can be used just like any traditional bobby pin but garner more compliments.

Ready to make some?

DIY Hair Pin Supplies

My supply lists are shoppable for your convenience! If you’d like to use the exact supplies I’ll be using for today’s tutorial or just have a question about a material I’ll be talking about, click the shoppable link below to learn more on Amazon.

How to Make Wire Wrapped Boho Crystal DIY Hair Pins....

How To Make DIY Hair Pins

These DIY hair pins are so quick and easy! To begin, just slide your crystal bead (or any bead for that matter) inside the triangular bead. Make sure to rotate the crystal bead so the jewelry holes line up.

How to Make DIY Hair Pins from scratch

Trim a 6″ section of wire and slide it through both beads so it comes out the top.

How to Make Wire Wrapped Boho chic Crystal DIY Hair Pins....

Now, slide a small, seed bead on the top of your wire. This small seed bead will act as a stopper that will hold your entire hair pin in place.

How to Make Hair Pins

Next, pull half of your wire through the seed bead and fold it in half, Carefully feed the wire back through the triangle and crystal bead and pull tight with your jewelry pliers.

How to Make Wire Wrapped Boho chic Crystal DIY Hair Pins..

Spread your wire and place a bobby pin in the center.

How to Make Wire Wrapped Boho chic Crystal DIY Hair Pins

Now pass both wires through the center of your bobby pin and pull tight with jewelry pliers.

How to Make Wire Wrapped Crystal DIY Hair Pins

Wrap the remaining wire in opposite directions around the top of your bobby pin to secure everything into place.

How to Make Crystal DIY Hair Pins

These super simple DIY hair pins are so easy to make and add so much to the overall look to a hairstyle. Since they are inexpensive to make, they also make a great gift! make one for yourself… and one for a friend!

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How to Make Crystal DIY Hair Pins. boho chic hair accessory