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I feel like when it comes to Halloween, there are really only two kinds of people in the world: those who plan and meticulously design their DIY Halloween costumes ……..and the rest of us.

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I’d do something crazy and actually plan my costume a little earlier than an hour before trick-or-treaters arrive, but still not put a lot of time or money into it.

But even if it’s October 30th when you read this, don’t stress because I’ve got you covered! Each of these adorable DIY Halloween costumes costs less than twenty dollars to make.

That’s right…… under $20.00

On top of that, all of these simple DIY Halloween costumes can be created in a single afternoon. Some outfits only require some inexpensive accessories to complete the costume with items you already have. No matter which one you choose, this year you have a plan and not waste hours of your time making it!

To read the full directions and tutorial for each costume, click the link in bold just above each image to be redirected to the blogger’s DIY post who created the costume. Show them some love and have a Happy Halloween!

20 Super-Easy DIY Halloween Costumes:

This simple and hilarious Avocado Toast costume by Brit & Co is one of my favorites! For this project, you’ll need Foam Board ($10 from Amazon) and some Craft Felt ($9.00 from Amazon) See the full DIY HERE

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for women. Make an Avocado Toast.

When the weather gets cold, you’ll be glad you made this No Sew Wolf Hoodie by Lia Griffith. For this costume, just grab some Grey Felt ($6.00 on Amazon), a cheap, Grey Hooded Sweatshirt ($14 on Amazon) See the tutorial HERE.

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for women. Make an no sew wolf costume

If you really want to get “hit on” this DIY Pinata costume by The Joy of Fashion is for you. Easily make it from an old dress, Rainbow Tissue Paper ($12.00), and Fabric Glue ($5.00)  See the tutorial HERE.

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for women. Make a pinata costume

This DIY Pineapple costume is just as simple as it is cute! All you need is some Green Cardstock ($9.00 on Amazon), a basic Hot Glue Gun ($11.00) and an old yellow dress. Get the full tutorial from Makezine HERE


Remember how much you loved Arthur as a kid? Dress up as the lovable little guy with this video tutorial by LaurDIY HERE. Just grab your old Harry Potter glasses (or buy some on Amazon for $3.00) and hot glue some felt ears to a headband to complete the look. Craft Felt is $8.00 on Amazon and you can get this Hot Glue Gun for $11.00

Arthur DIY Halloween costume for women

Make a DIY Sia Costume w/ clothes you already have. Just grab this wig ($14.00) and a Black Plastic Tablecloth ($3.00) See the full DIY by Bunny Baubles HERE.

sia DIY Halloween costume for women

Make an awesome Queen of Hearts costume with this easy collar tutorial from Cut Out And Keep HERE. All you need to re-create this collar is a Deck of Playing Cards ($3.00) and some White Cardstock ($7.00)

queen of hearts DIY Halloween costume for women

Make a cute and non-scary Mary Poppins DIY Halloween costume like The Joy Of Fashion. Pair a plain button-down and an old skirt you already have with and a Red Bow Tie ($6.00 on Amazon) and this Black Wool Hat ($11.00) to complete the look.  Full Tutorial HERE.

DIY Halloween costumes mary poppins

These matching rag doll costumes are so cute and simple to make! To make the wigs, all you need is some Red Yarn ($3.00) and an inexpensive set of Side Hair Combs ($3.00) Get the full DIY from A Beautiful Mess HERE.

Grab your friends and make these super cute Ghostbusters costumes! Upgrade your old clothes with some  Iron-On Reflective Tape ($5.00) Next, turn an old backpack into a Ghostbuster pack with some Black Spray Paint ($4.00) and a few different size Tupperware containers ($8.00) Grab the full tutorial and included printables by Brit & Co HERE.

DIY Halloween Costumes Ghostbusters_007

This mermaid costume even comes with instructions to create a matching set for your little one! To make this mermaid skirt, all you need is some Mermaid Fabric ($12.00 on Amazon) and Green Spandex ($7.00) See the full tutorial and pattern from A Beautiful Mess HERE

DIY Halloween Costumes mermaid costume

Add some snakes to a tan dress and suddenly you are Medusa like The Joy of Fashion. This Halloween costume just may be the least expensive. Pick up some  Bobby Pins ($2.00) and these rubber snakes ($6.00)  Tutorial HERE.

DIY halloween Costumes Medusa tutorial
DIY halloween Costumes Medusa tutorial

Become an easy Loofah with a video tutorial by LaurDIY HERE You can get 40 yards of pink tulle for $13.00 and hold it all up with a Pearl Necklace for $6.00

DIY halloween costumes Sponge tutorial

Who needs to know your bat costume only took ten minutes to make? Grab this Black Fabric ($2.00) a cheap plastic headband ($3.00) and a black foam sheet ($4.00) See the tutorial by She Knows HERE.

Cheap DIY Halloween Costume bat costume

Who doesn’t love sushi? This easy DIY costume will win the contest for sure! Just grab an old pillow, any white dress, and finish it off with orange and black cotton fabric ($2.00 each) some white fabric paint ($5.00) and a basic green loofah ($2.00) See the full tutorial by Brit & Co HERE

DIY Halloween Costumes Sushi

This hilarious Pinterest Board costume looks like it can be made in under ten minutes with just a Cork Board ($8.00) and some wide ribbon ($6.00) See the tutorial by She Knows HERE

DIY Halloween Costume pinterest board

On the same thread, you can be an Instagram Photo using white Foam Board ($12.00 for five sheets) with Thirty Handmade Days via this tutorial HERE.

DIY Halloween costumes -diy-instagram-costume

The Joy Of Fashion created this super simple Audrey Hepburn costume from what you already have around the house. Since a basic little black dress is the “costume” portion of this look, just finish it off with a Layered Pearl Necklace ($12.00) and some Satin Long Gloves ($7.00) See the tutorial HERE.

DIY Audrey Hepburn Halloween costumes
DIY Audrey Hepburn Halloween costumes

This Wonder Woman costume is a DIY! With some patience, some colored duct tape ($9.00) and this basic corset ($10.00) you can be ready to go! See the full tutorial by Brit & Co HERE

DIY Halloween Costumes wonder woman

Become a gumball machine this Halloween with this simple tutorial from The Joy of Fashion. See the DIY HERE.To make it yourself, all you need is this red dress ($12.00) and lots of Pom Poms ($6.00 on Amazon)

DIY Halloween costumes gumball machine

I hope you really loved these ideas and are inspired to make an incredible, yet super-simple costume! When I began writing this post, I had no idea what I wanted to be, and now I have too many ideas that I can’t pick just one!

Again, if you’d like more information on any of these tutorials, just click the bold link above each photo to be redirected to the full tutorial.

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20 Easy DIY halloween costumes for women for less than twenty dollars 20 Easy DIY halloween costumes for women for under twenty dollars