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I’m writing this tutorial as I sit at my desk, coffee in hand, and enjoying the light smell of incense as the sun rises. It’s a morning ritual I do every day. Waking up, making a cup of coffee, lighting a lavender incense, and writing in my gratitude journal is my absolute favorite way to start the day.

The light, woodsy smell of incense is unlike anything a can can recreate.

So in today’s tutorial, I thought it would be fun to make our own DIY incense holders from a recycled record. 

DIY This Vinyl Record Incense Holder

I love the calm ambiance of incense. The scent that comes from incense often lingers longer than candles, is more safe to light and forget about (since it burns out in 45 minutes),  and adds a comfortable, hygge touch to your decor with unique trays and holders.

Today, we’re going to make one (or four) from scratch out of a single vinyl record.

See the full DIY to make an incense holder out of an old vinyl record

Years ago, I loved creating awesome vinyl record jewelry and selling them at farmers markets. I loved the unique tracks and grain that remain visible on an old vinyl even after it has been recycled it into something else. Today, I get to stay in and show you guys how to make your own projects on this little blog.

You can pick up a vinyl record from almost any thrift store for about $1.00

Note: The coolest part of this project is that once you have a record, you can easily make 4 incense holders. One for you, one as a hostess gift, and you still have 2 left over to give to friends. It’s not often you find a good DIY that only costs a quarter each to complete…..

Supplies To Make A Vinyl Incense Holder:

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The Process:

First, turn your oven on and set it to 200 degrees.

If you try to cut your vinyl while it’s room temperature, it will likely crack and break. You won’t get the crisp, clean lines or have any control in molding it into shapes unless you heat it up a little.

While the oven is heating, use a ruler and pencil to draw a 1 1/2″ wide rectangle across one side of your record. You should have space to do this four times all the way around your circle. The lines will be faint, but totally visible and will virtually disappear once they are cut.

Place the record on your cookie sheet and pop it in the oven for 3-4 minutes or until it becomes pliable. Different records have different thickness so you may need to leave it in a minute or two longer. When you take it out, your record will be hot, but still able to be handled with your hands. Work quickly to cut out the lines you drew since the vinyl will re-harden after only about 15-20 seconds. If it does harden and become difficult to cut again, put it back in the oven until it becomes pliable again.

After your rectangle is cut out, shape it into an incense holder by propping one end up on a kitchen bowl. Again, it should harden  and cool in about 15 seconds so work quick!

Recycle a Vinyl Record into a DIY Incense Holder

Chances are, there will probably be some sharp edges on the sides and corners of your incense holder from all that quick-cutting. Use fine sandpaper to gently smooth out any pointed corners and give the edges a quick, finished look.

How to make an incense holder out of a recycled vinyl record

Your incense holder is almost done!

The final step is to drill a small hole into the top to fit an incense stick.

DIY a Recycled Vinyl Record Incense Holder

Light up your incense and enjoy a more calming, zen-like space!

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Recycle a Vinyl Record into a DIY Incense Holder with this easy step by step tutorial Recycle a Vinyl Record into a boho DIY Incense Holder with this easy step by step tutorial Recycle a Vinyl Record into a DIY Incense Holder with this step by step tutorial