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You know that awkward moment when your hanging out with your family relaxing at the beach, but don’t want to take the long walk to the bathrooms in nothing but a skimpy bikini?

In that moment, a pretty little swimsuit cover would be great right?

What if I told you, we could make one that was also pretty and might make you feel a little sexier too?

For me, swimming suit cover-ups make a huge difference in my comfort and confidence while wearing a bikini. Whether I’m hanging out at the beach, on a cruise, or on vacation, I’ve always got one on hand. Lately, I’ve been loving the romantic look of lace and especially love it’s ability to cover any cellulite or other self-conscious areas of your body. These DIY lace pants are the perfect cover-up that will make you feel comfortable and chic the next time you find yourself in a swimming-suit.

How to make a lace swimsuit coverup


My supply lists are now shoppable for your convenience! Just click any aff. link material to get everything you’ll need to complete this project on Amazon.

  1. Black Lace Fabric
  2. Sewing Shears
  3. Black Thread
  4. Basic Sewing Machine
  5. Black Elastic
  6. Safety Pin
  7. Seam Gauge
  8. A Pair of comfy pajama pants in your size
  9. Sewing Pins

How To Make Lace Pants

 Since we will be creating a simple pattern from pajama pants you already have, be sure to pick ones that make you comfortable with a fit you really like. The ones I selected fit more snug than I wanted my lace pants to be, but if that’s the case for you too, I’ll address that later.

DIY Lace Pants Supplies

Start by laying your lace on a table. Fold it in half length-wise (hot-dog style), then fold it in half length-wise again. You should be left with a long, skinny piece of fabric that is 4 layers thick.

Fold Fabric in half

Now fold your pajama pants in half and lay them on your fabric. Be sure to lay them on the side of lace with the folded edges. (One side of your folded fabric will have 2 regular edges and one folded edge while the other side will have 2 folded edges.)

Lay Pajama pants on folded fabric

Using fabric scissors, cut out the basic shape of your pajama pants. Feel free to eyeball it. As long as you leave at least an inch all the way around and enough room at the top to go over your unique hip measurement, you should have room to sew your pattern together and put your new pants on. I wanted mine to be more loose and baggy than my pajama pants, so made my cuts extra wide around them.

Full tutorial making Lace Pants

Remove your pajama pants and unfold your lace fabric. You should be left with 2 pieces that look similar to this:

Lace Pants Tutorial

Fold each piece of lace in half and pin together. Sew the straight part of the legs of your pants together.

How To Make Lace Pants

Next, open the body/ crotch and butt of your pants and pin them together. Sew into place.

How to Make Your Own Lace Pants

Your pants are starting to take shape! They should look similar to this:

DIY Lace Pants

Measure the width of your elastic and add 1/2″ Use a ruler to measure to fold a lip along the waistband of your pants to create a casing to slide an elastic through. Sew the fold in place and glide your elastic through to create a pull-on pant.

Lace Pants DIY

Ta da! Slip your new sexy, DIY lace pants on and enjoy! I plan on wearing them with the DIY Monokini we made earlier this week to the pool today!

Lace Pants Swimsuit Coverup DIY

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