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Got some basic t-shirts floating around that you’re totally bored with? Well then my friend, you are going to love today’s old shirt DIY refashion.

This project is perfect if you don’t consider yourself that creative or are just dipping your toes into the DIY fashion swimming pool. Within just a few minutes and a few basic tools, you can customize and personalize all of the uninspiring t-shirts you have lying around.

diy refashion shirt tutorials with lace embellishments ..

I love how this little t-shirt turned out. The contrasting lace adds a level of detail that still coordinates with almost anything but elevates the look without being too loud or daring. It’s the perfect ten minute tutorial to give your old clothes an updated look without much sewing experience.

Before:how to add lace embellishments to diy refashion shirt tutorial before


diy refashion shirt tutorials with lace embellishments


My supply lists are shoppable for your convenience! Just click any aff. link below to get everything I’ll be using to complete this project without adding extra errands to your day.

Old Shirt DIY Refashion Steps:

Start out by laying your t-shirt out flat on a table or other flat surface.

Measure the neckline and bottom hemline.

diy refashion shirt tutorial with lace embellishments before

Cut strips of lace embellishment (I’ve linked to the one I’m using in the supply list) to match the opening measurements.

how to add lace embellishments to diy refashion shirt tutorial

Pin The lace into place and sew.

When sewing lace, be sure to use a wide zig zag stitch and a standard needle. Also, avoid backstitching since that can get delicate lace stuck in your feed dogs. Instead, leave several inches of thread on either side of your seam and tie to secure. Your lace trimming will stay in place securely but will not look bunched up and homemade when you are done.

how to add lace embellishments to diy refashion shirt tutorials

Now wasn’t that easy?

I told you that you could do it!

Now slip on your new, cuter t-shirt and pour yourself a celebratory glass of white wine. You’ve earned it.

diy refashion shirt tutorials with easy sew on lace embellishments

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diy refashion shirt tutorials . lace embellishments .

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