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Have you ever wanted to own a drawer full of sexy, perfectly fitting lingerie but don’t want to invest the hundreds of dollars for it? This is where making your own DIY lingerie comes in.

My mind is always blown whenever I excitedly enter a fancy lingerie boutique only to find insane price tags on the tiniest, lacy things. The good news is, by channeling your inner DIY spirit, you can make everything you’ve ever wanted yourself! Below I’ve included the best tutorials of Pinterest and YouTube to bring you the easiest-to-follow instructions, printable pdf patterns, and lots and of different styles.

Today I’m excited to show you some basic tutorials to get started.

15 easy DIY lingerie tutorials..

Imagine…. waking up and pulling out a perfectly organized dresser drawer of even more perfectly crafted intimates. What would that do to your day and how would it make you feel? I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m having a frumpy day, my mood is always lifted when I slip on something sexy… even if nobody else ever sees it. I’ll definitely be testing out some of these awesome DIY’s but I’d love to hear what you guys think too!

15 Easy Lingerie Tutorials From YouTube & Pinterest:

Without further ado, here are the DIY tutorials. Click on the links below to be redirected to each blogger’s YouTube channel or blog post. Enjoy!

Make Your Own Everyday Seamless Panties

I’m going to start off this list with a simple, everyday project by yours truly. These DIY seamless panties area perfect for everyday and since there are no finished edges, are practically invisible under even the tightest clothes. This DIY should take less than an hour to complete the first time and even less when you are making more since your pattern will be ready to go.

Refashion An Old Bra Into Sexy Lingerie

Bra making doesn’t have to be hard. Granted, there is a lost art in lingerie making, but most of us don’t have the skills to whip up a sexy underwire bra after a busy day.

A bra refashion on the other hand, cuts a few of the tedious corners, recycles what you already have, and gives the rest of us the opportunity to make a sexy little DIY lingerie piece in a matter of minutes. That is why for this DIY, we’ll be bra making the easy way via a quick and simple lace refashion. Get the full tutorial HERE.

Bra making the easy way . Refashion an old bra into sexy DIY lingerie .

DIY A Strappy Bralette From Scratch!

In less time than it will take to go lingerie shopping, you could whip this sexy little bralette up. It really took less than a half hour! There is no pattern- just use your own body and create a look that’s all your own and fits you perfectly. Here’s how to do it so you can make your own too.

Easy diy lingerie tutorials

Basic Thong Tutorial

The other day I found myself in line at a lingerie boutique excited to buy 5 pairs of panties for less than $30. Since they always have so many cute prints and colors, I ended up spending almost $75 for about 1/2 yard of fabric. It wasn’t until I watched the cashier fold up my tiny pile of panties that I had my ah-ha moment. Why was I not making these? The pattern is so simple and it takes almost zero supplies! I could make several pairs of no-show panties out of $3 of fabric!

 Below, the pink colored panties are from my DIY tutorial and the black and white PINK ones are obviously by Victoria’s Secret. CLICK HERE to make your own.

How to make easy seamless DIY panties . A simple Victorias Secret knockoff tutorial

Turn Old Panties Into Sexier Thongs

This simple tutorial walks you through the step by step process to convert your larger panties into sexy little thongs. What a clever idea right? By turning full-coverage panties into thongs, you can completely avoid the dreaded panty-line.

Make Your Own Thigh High Knit Stockings

DIY Black Thigh High Socks from scratch

Make Your Own Garter Straps

Learn how to make a variety of elastic strap garter belts with my Cora tutorial. I even have a FREE version on my blog that will teach you the basics!
DIY and photo via ohhhlululingerie.com

But what lingerie drawer would be complete without some adorable garter straps? These are perfect for adding extra drama to a lingerie set. Get the full DIY by Ohhh Lulu Lingerie HERE

Easy DIY Bra Bandeau

Creative Fashion Blog readers have made this Strapless Bandeau in everything from stretch lace (for a super-sexy look) to swimsuit fabric. Check out the DIY HERE and make your own in less than an hour!

Make a DIY Strapless Bikini Top Tutorial

How To Make Lace Shorts

Photo and DIY via Makezine.com

Makezine.com is one of my favorite sources for DIY ideas and this little lacy shorts set is no exception. Find the full DIY HERE and start making these today HERE.

DIY Wrapped Bra / Swimsuit

This super sexy bra is so easy to make you’ll wonder why you never tried sooner! In just a few minutes you’ll have a versatile and comfortable wrapped bra. Get the link to the tutorial HERE. 

How to make a sexy wrap swimsuit bikini top from scratch .

Make Your Own One Piece Lingerie

I never thought of making a one piece but this awesome tutorial by miscelaneadiy.com is definitely worth checking out. I love how she styled it with a cute sweater and let the lace peek through. Find the full DIY HERE.

DIY and Photo via miscelaneadiy.com

Casual Cotton Panties

Make Your Own Cute Knickers • Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a pair of panties in under 90 minutes
Photo and DIY via cutoutandkeep.net

Last but not least are these adorable panties by CutOutAndKeep.com. I love the mixed prints and printable pdf patterns! See the full tutorial HERE.

I sincerely hope this little post has inspired you to step outside the box and start creating some new lingerie for yourself. Sometimes all you need to get your creative juices flowing again is to take on a new project or learn something new.  So why not start now? These awesome bloggers were so thorough I’m excited to dive in and try them out.

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 15 easy diy lingerie tutorials