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Today I wanted to show you guys a quick and easy way to update your office stationary with this DIY Marble Binder tutorial.

Every time I head into Target, Anthropologie, or Home Goods I’m always tempted to buy yet-another cute binder or notepad when I have several half-empty ones at home. Why? Because they’re sooooo pretty.

So why not make the ones you already have a little prettier?

Since Creative Fashion Blog is all about elevating the pieces you already have, I thought I would create a quick post and share some easy hacks on how to do this in ten minutes or less and avoid a few mistakes along the way.

Marble binder DIY idea .

Today, we’ll be making over our office stationary using simple contact paper.


My supply lists are now shoppable for your convenience via aff. links below! Grab everything I’ll be using to complete this tutorial without adding extra errands to your day.

DIY Marble Binder Steps

  1. First, measure the amount of contact paper you will need to wrap the entire front, back, and binding of your old binder. Then add about 3″ on each side to wrap around the cover. When cutting your contact paper, use the grid on the backside of the paper to cut a perfectly straight line.
  2. Peel off only 1″ of contact paper and be sure it’s perfectly straight. Line it up 3″ on the inside cover of your old binder and start there. By doing it this way, you’re able to make any mistakes and restart without affecting how the outside looks.
  3. Continue slowly peeling off the paper layer of the marble contact paper and working your way around the front, binding, and back of your binder. Finish by wrapping the final 3″ around the back cover.
  4. Now, take your xacto knife and glide the sharp edge along any excess marble contact paperĀ  that sticks out over the top and bottom of your binder. This leaves a nice, professional looking line.
  5. Finally, use your xacto knife to cut around any metal hardware on your binder. The precise cuts of the xacto knife make it perfect for detailed projects like this.

Marble binder DIY craft project

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Marble binder DIY craft project .

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