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Today I’m so excited to show you how to make your own DIY resin jewelry in a simple, straightforward way. For this tutorial, we’ll even be adding sand, seashells, and dandelions to create naturally beautful designs.

Ever since Jon and I met, we have been collecting sand (or dirt where sand is unavailable) from our vacations. We have the deep red sand from where we landed our parachutes after sky diving, fine white sand from our retreat in Mexico, and even some dirt from the swanky hotel we stayed at in Seattle. Once we’re back home, we store them inside cute little jars that rest on a shelf in the living room. It’s been fun to watch the collection grow over the years and buy more tiny bottles for our future adventures.

While looking at these bottled souvineers brings back so many memories, it occured to me that I could also take it a step further. I could do more.

I could make crafts with the sand!

I could make jewelry so a little piece of my vacation can stay with me just a bit longer.

And that my friend is how today’s DIY resin jewelry got started.

DIY resin jewelry pendants easy jewelry making tutorial

DIY Resin Jewelry Supplies

How To Make DIY Resin Jewelry

Each Casting Resin Kit will come with it’s won set of instructions, but a few basic tips will make the process much easier (and less messy!)

First, cover your entire workspace with a Plastic Tablecloth. I like to stock up on inexpensive ones and use them for all kinds of projects. It covers your entire table and when you are done, rolls up and makes clean-up easier.

Second, wear basic Rubber Gloves to keep your hands safe and clean during the process. I like to use thinner ones since they keep my hands clean yet still allow me to work with small objects and jewelry pendants.

Third, use disposable cups and plastic spoons to mix and stir your resin. Again, it makes clean up easier and keeps your kitchen dishes safe.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, on to the tutorial!

how to make resin jewelry pendants

Read the instructions in your resin kit carefully and mix the two bottles exacty as the instructions suggest. When making DIY resin jewelry, don’t “eye-ball it” and be sure to measure carefully. If you want your project to harden correctly, follow the directions exactly!

how to make simple resin pendants

Next, pour whatever extras you’d like to add to your resin pendants to the bottom of the jewelry blank. In this case, we’ll be pouring just enough sand to fill the bottom before we add a tiny seashell to top off the look.

DIY resin jewelry pendants for jewelry

Now, carefully pour just enough resin to cover the jewelry blank. Be sure to pour slowly and over your plastic tablecloth to prevent excessive mess.

Simple DIY resin pendants easy jewelry making tutorial

If extra resin starts to pour over the rim of your jewelry blank, don’t stress. Use a Q-tip to wipe any excess from the sides and bottom of your pendant before setting it down to dry.

simple DIY resin jewelry pendants for jewelry

I like to use the resin box edge to set my pendants on. It keeps your DIY resin pendants perfectly level and allows them to dry evenly without extra bumps.

We even started experimenting with adding dandelions, images, and the kid’s sketches to the resin pendants. Once you get comfortable with resin, it opens up a whole new window of creative projects you can make!

DIY resin pendants easy jewelry making tutorial

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