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DIY Crystal Statement Cocktail Ring

I’ve always had a thing for oversize, boho jewelry. When it comes to my aesthetic, the bigger, the better and the more unique, the more I love it. Today, I’m going to share a super-simple DIY that takes less than 5 minutes to create expensive-looking, custom statement rings from authentic stones and crystals.

These rings are so fun to make and I completed several in just a few minutes, while also pausing to take photos. The supplies are minimal and would even make simple, great gifts. The next time I’m traveling or camping somewhere fun, you’ll likely find me combing the terrain for pretty stones I can make into rings at some point.

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Supplies To Make A DIY Ring


DIY Crystal Statement Cocktail Ring

How to Make A DIY Ring:

The process is really very simple. All you need to do to make your statement ring is glue the stone to the ring base. Carefully apply a small amount of glue to the ring and then apply to your stone. Stand it up and let dry for atleast an hour.

Be sure to use E6000 glue in a well ventilated area. This stuff is intense and will likely kill a few brain cells if you aren’t careful with it. I also lightly sanded the more polished stones before applying the glue so it would adhere better.

DIY Crystal Statement Boho Ring

After the glue has fully dried, your new rings are ready to wear. I loved shopping for each unique stone and even researching their unique meanings. Each stone was carefully selected and I’m excited to wear them!

DIY Crystal Statement Boho Ring

I hope you enjoyed this week’s DIY and let me know how your Crystal Statement Ring turned out in the comments below!

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