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Today I wanted to put some “feelers” out and see what you guys think of a new project I’m working on: printable patterns. I wanted to show you a simple DIY scuba dress I designed from just 1 yard of fabric and see what you thought.

Since the darts of this design are more complex than my other DIY fashion projects, I decided this little dress would be the first of many, many printable pdf projects that I would release in the next couple of months.

how to make a simple DIY Floral Scuba Dress yourself

Adding new printable projects to Creative Fashion Blog is a huge step! Before I started blogging, I ran a small women’s clothing fashion label and am so excited to create different sizes again, design slightly more complicated looks, and give you even more accessories to create at home. If I’m able to give you guys the patterns to complete them, it could be really, really fun right?

DIY Floral Scuba Dress

Another thing you guys will see on the blog more in the next few weeks are detailed video tutorials. I’ve been working really hard on creating videos that walk you through each step if you are are more visual-learner to compliment the written instructions.

So within the next few months, I’ll be able to bring you guys printable patterns along with written and video instructions to really hold your hand through each step!

how to make a DIY Floral Scuba Dress yourself

This leads me to the ultimate question of all, what would YOU like to make? Are there projects you wish you could find but nobody seems to be covering? Something you’ve always wanted to know how to do but not sure where to start? Let me know in the comments below so I can get started!

how to make a DIY Floral Scuba Dress

As soon as the DIY Scuba Dress Pattern is ready to go, I’ll be sure to place the link HERE so you can print it out and start making it!