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Chances are, you’ve got a few pairs of shorts floating around your dresser that are… let’s say …. uninspiring. On this blog so far, we’ve added lace to make DIY Lace Shorts HERE and even made our own Pom Pom Shorts from Scratch HERE. In today’s DIY, we’ll be giving your old shorts a little makeover with this quick and easy DIY Sequin Shorts Refashion.

I love how the mix of denim and sequin can be dressed up or down. Now, I pair these shorts with a loose-fitting tank or you can dress it up with heels. Either way, they’re so much more fun than they were a few days ago.

DIY Sequin Shorts Supplies:

My supply lists are 100% shoppable for your convenience. I’ve linked the materials I’ll be using below (w/ aff. links) so you can complete this tutorial without adding extra errands to your day.

Easy DIY sequin shorts tutorials for a fun sparkle summer outfit

How To Make DIY Sequin Shorts

  1. Start out by laying your old shorts flat on a table. Lay your scrap piece of sequin fabric over the section of shorts you’d like to cover.
  2. Roughly trim away any excess but be sure to leave about an inch all the way around. Set your fabric aside.
  3. Open your Dritz Wash Away Wonder Tape from the package. This double-sided tape is awesome when working with trickier fabrics like sequin (and also slippery fabrics like sheers and satin.) The tape dissolves completely when you wash your clothes, won’t gum up your needle in the process, and holds everything in place while you are sewing. Apply the tape all the way around the perimeter of the section you’re going to cover.
  4. Now, lay your fabric over your your shorts again and secure in place using the tape.
  5. Now, you can closely trim any excess fabric away since the tape will hold it all in place. Using Dritz Wash Away Wonder Tape is especially handy here because you can closely trim your fabrics without worrying about accidentally hitting a pin with your scissors. This can quickly wreck your scissors.
  6. Once your fabric is trimmed in place and secured with your tape, it’s time to sew. Use a standard sewing machine with a regular straight-stitch 1/4″-1/2″ away from the edge all the way around the perimeter of your sequinned section.
  7. Repeat on another section of your shorts if you’d like or keep them asymmetrical! Have fun with your new, DIY sequin shorts!

Video Tutorial:

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Easy DIY sequin shorts tutorials for a fun sparkle summer outfit ..

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