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Have you ever wanted to make large abstract wall art but are afraid it won’t turn out?

If you are, this home decor project is for you.

For this week’s DIY, the kids and I made this modern spray paint art on a huge canvas for the stair landing downstairs. Don’t you just love HUGE modern wall art?! In my opinion, the bigger the canvas, the better the statement. It really looks like one of the canvas prints from Z Gallerie! Abstract canvas paintings can really elevate a living room or dining room if you are looking to redecorate to a new level. 

What is Abstract Art Anyway?

In the magical realm of the early 20th century, a bunch of rebellious artists decided to flip the art world upside down. They were tired of painting realistic landscapes and portraits, so they embarked on a wild adventure called abstract art! Led by fearless pioneers like Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, and Kazimir Malevich, they unleashed a storm of colors, shapes, and lines. No longer confined by the shackles of representation, they dove headfirst into a realm of emotions and spirituality. Their artwork became a psychedelic rollercoaster ride, where you could let your imagination run wild and feel all the feels. Abstract art shattered the rules, cracked open new possibilities, and made art a thrilling playground for creative minds. And guess what? The adventure continues today, with abstract art morphing into endless forms, captivating our senses, and keeping the art world on its toes. Let the colors splash and the shapes dance—abstract art is here to stay! Today we’ll keep the magic going and make a large abstract painting of our own. Your own one of a kind limited edition original artwork!

Easy spray paint canvas wall art

This was such an easy project the kids had a great time with. The whole thing only took about 20 minutes to make super original paintings!

You will need:

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  1. Large Stretched Canvas (you could also use a large piece of wood, poster-board, etc. if you don’t want to make the investment in a large, stretched canvas.)
  2. Black Spray Paint
  3. Silver Spray Paint
  4. Branches with foliage (I had the kids gather some from the yard)

How To Make Large Abstract Canvas Art

We began by spray painting the entire canvas black. I chose black to create more drama and a more finished look once it was completed, but please choose your own color scheme! 

While I was painting the canvas, I had the kids pull branches from bushes and trees around the yard to make it a hands on mixed media project. They took turns placing the branches on the canvas to create a abstract landscape feel we all liked.

easy wall art with spray paint and botanical foilage

We all agreed on how the branches would be on the canvas because once we started spray painting since they could not be moved or adjusted after we got started.

Each kid took turns spray painting 2 branches on the canvas silver. My 5 year old needed some help squeezing the can hard enough but my two 7 year olds could paint all by themselves. When you’re painting, hold the can directly over the branches about 12″

When we were done the canvas looked like this:

Since spray paint tends to dry so quickly, I didn’t even bother with waiting. We were so excited to see how it looked! Each kid pulled off 2 branches to reveal their print. When you remove the branches, be sure to lift them straight up off the canvas rather than pulling them. This eliminates the risk of paint smearing and ruining your large art print.

Within an hour, we were able to pull the canvas inside and hang it downstairs. The kids are so proud of their art, I had a great time with them. Plus I love how it compliments our decor.

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Most of the art in our house is made by the kids and I love how it makes us feel. When I walk through our home I am reminded of all of the memories in making each project and the stages of each kid while we were creating it. We will always think of this summer when we look at this canvas and the kids are so proud every time someone compliments it.

This project was so easy and has such a huge impact I totally recommend it. Let me know how your project went in the comments below!