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Now that Mother’s day has come and gone, it’s time to turn out attention to the awesome dad’s out there and start brainstorming some awesome Father’s Day gifts. Today, I’m using my kid’s help to show you how to make stamped metal jewelry he’ll absolutely love.

My kids have been loving stamped jewelry lately. I love how inexpensive it is to get started and how absolutely incredible they turn out when you are done! Years ago, I had a metal card engraved with a sweet note to Jon on Christmas and he keeps it either in his wallet or the sun-visor in his car. This year, he’s getting an entire stamped metal collection thanks to the kids. Ha!

Easy DIY fathers day gifts from kids stamped metal ring .

One kid made a ring that says “DAD” on it, another made a keychain that says, “BEST DAD” and I had to show you guys the adorable cuff my son made for Mother’s Day… ya know… because my kids actually read this blog and I don’t want anybody to feel left out. 😉

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fathers day stamped ringEasy DIY fathers day gifts from kids stamped metal ring project


ImpressArt is having a sale on Amazon so I stocked up on everything from ring blanks to key chains and bracelets and all their basic tools. The entire line is really user friendly and my 7 year old was even able to use everything on her own!

Here are the supplies we used to make this project:

Easy DIY fathers day gifts from kids stamped metal ring tutorialEasy fathers day gifts from kids stamped metal ring

How To Make Stamped Metal Jewelry:

We used the exact same process to make bracelets as we did to make rings. The key chains and necklaces are slightly easier because you won;t have to bend them afterwards. Without further ado, here’s the simple process:

Easy DIY fathers day gifts from kids stamped metal ring

  1. First, you’ll want to choose what your jewelry will say. Pick a phrase, a name, etc. and get your first letter stamp ready.
  2. Line up your metal stamp on whatever base (ring, bracelet, etc.) you decide to use and double check to be sure it’s backwards (so it will print facing the right direction)
  3. Gently tap the top of your stamp with a Metal Stamping Hammer. Tap it about 10 times and remove to see the new engraving.
  4. Continue with each letter until your phrase or word is complete.
  5. Remove any protective plastic covering (it feels similar to cellophane) that was on the blank while you were hammering.
  6. Use the bending tools to mold into shape if needed.

Tip: To give your words a darker hue, color over the engraved words with a permanent marker. Immediately, wipe off any excess ink with a paper towel. Don’t be afraid of being messy since the smooth areas will easily wipe off.

Easy DIY fathers day gifts from kids stamped metal ring ..

My 9 Year Old’s First DIY Video Tutorial!!!!!

Milo had so much fun making this stamped metal jewelry she decided to create her own YouTube video. She designed all the graphics, picked the fonts and music, and made you guys this video. Check it out!

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Easy DIY fathers day gifts from kids stamped metal ring -Easy DIY fathers day gifts from kids stamped metal ring craft

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  1. Nice creativity!! It is amazing to make a creative product at the age of nine. I will ask my daughter to try this and also ask her to watch this video so she can also learn something good. Thanks a lot!

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