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Now that spring is officially here, it’s finally time to make some transition pieces! I’ve been wanting to create this convertible wrap for so long and with the warming weather, I get so excited to make new outfits.

Make a DIY Wrap Convertable Shirt

This project took about thirty minutes to complete and is really simple. The creativity and elegance of this top comes from how you decide to wrap and style it in different ways. There have been lots of convertible wrap tops and infinity wraps lately, but I created this project in a way that mirrors some of the YouTube tutorials so you won’t have to recreate your own draping styles for a perfect fit.

Convertible Wrap Supplies:

My supply lists are now shoppable for your convenience! Just click any aff. link below to get everything you need to complete this tutorial.


Gather your supplies and clear about a half hour before we get to work! You are going to be amazed how easy this is!

Step 1: Cut Your Fabric In Half

Chances are, when you bought your stretch fabric, it came on a bolt and was folded in half. You can keep your fabric in one piece to make a dress if you’d like, but for this project, I cut the 2 yards of fabric in half hot-dog style to create two 30 inch x 1 yard strips of fabric. Set 1 strip aside.

Step 2: Cut two 18″ Pieces

Now that you have two 30″ x 36″ pieces of fabric, lay 1 piece out on a table and cut two 18″ sections from it. This will make up the two sides of your convertible wrap.

DIY Draped Convertable Shirt

Step 3: Create Your Armholes

Next, lay your large piece of fabric out flat. Lay one 18″ section on either side.

Measure 10″ up from the bottom of your fabric and 10″ down from the top of your fabric and pin. Repeat on the other side. I like to mark my measurements with two needles side by side to prevent me from sewing through them when chalk is out of reach.

Essentially, we have divided the side of your fabric in thirds and left an opening (about ten inches) in the center to use as a sleeve. 

How To Make a Jersey Convertable Wrap

Step 4: Sew Together

Lastly, sew your ten inch marked sections together. You should have four ten inch areas to sew which creates two large holes on either side of your shirt. It is almost tunic length. It might not look like much but this is where the fun begins……..

DIY Draped Convertable Wrap

How To Wear Your Convertible Wrap Top

Make This Draped Wrap Shirt

While it can be fun to create new ways to style your wrap, sometimes its easiest to get a few ideas from professionals before making it your own. It’s a great optio to look at the best sellers for some fit guide tips! Here is the most comprehensive Convertible Top Styling Tutorial I could find:

I hope you liked this little DIY and as always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below! Maybe we can use these plans to make a convertible wrap dress next!

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Make This Draped Convertible Wrap Shirt

Make This DIY Draped Convertible Top. Wear it so many ways!

Make This Draped Convertible Wrap Top